January 16, 2023

Some Old Hound And Dog Photos

It might say it's 51° this afternoon but it still feels cold while having a day of light rain off and on with an overcast damp feeling to the air. So when I checked the photo import folder for recent hound and dog photos, I did not find any new ones since my last post. I felt like blogging today so I went back into my photo library and found a few older ones.

This is Heidi in July 2011. It was one of her photos on her adoption ad at Basset Hound Rescue. I made arrangements to drive up to met the foster mom and her in a parking lot in back of shopping center in Merrillville Indiana. She was happy to sit on the extended bed in the passenger seat for our 4 hour drive home.

Never could figure out the cause of her skin allergies but after a couple of months in Arizona, they all disappeared. Here she is air drying her ears. 

Some of you may remember the bloodhound before Stella. This is Sadie as a pup. That became her favorite chair for the next 10 years. 

I loaded this photo because he looks so much like Henry does now. In fact if I had not told you, if you looked really close you would not know it was Winston about the same age that Henry will be this summer, already 3 years old.

Winston never minded that he was turning gray. 

Before I tell you who that is on the right ... go back up two photos and see how close Henry and Winston look identical. Before we moved back to Indiana I took Henry on a roadtrip to see his breeder before we left. I thought she would enjoy that instead of reading he had moved 1,700 miles without stopping by to say bye. That is Henry's mom on the right. She was not in a good mood that day.

Out of a large litter of puppies, I knew when I saw his photo at 2 or 3 weeks old, he was who I was going to pick if he was still available. I can't remember how the order was placed but I do remember I had second choice of the males since that was who I wanted. Like my friend told me at the time "He is looking right you."

I would have to go back in this blog sometime in 2020 and see how these pups were chosen because I can't remember. Deposits were taken but I can't remember why I couldn't choose Henry right off the bat. NOW I remember, choosing your puppy didn't happen until they were four weeks old, take home at eight weeks. I chose in the order of deposits received. So I think I was 3rd on the list. That is a BIG litter of basset hounds.

It did not take long for him to show me his personality.

Michelle was thrilled to see him and how good he looked. All of her puppies at Out West Bassets are socialized at a very young age, with her kids helping in the puppy's development. I would not hesitate in buying another puppy from her if I was in the market for one but the three I have now keep me more than busy.

Henry try to talk to his mom.

Stella was like a magnet to puppies. They all liked being around Stella. She would let Henry and Walter pull on her ears, climb all over her and bother her any chance they would get.

Walter had not been in the house 5 minutes before he became confused with that other bulldog puppy he saw on the door of the stainless steel refrigerator. Once he walked around it didn't take long for him to take charge of the house. 

Henry wasn't there yet in April 2020. Walter latched onto Stella as his running mate.

They would not bark like Watson does when someone or a dog was being walked on the sidewalk in front of the house. They would stare though until the person or dog was out of sight, yet no baying or barking.

It did not take Walter more than a day or two to get all the bones, balls, hoof, and a blanket into the computer room. He would play with them until exhaustion every morning while I was on the computer.

July 2021 I drove over see the last three bloodhound puppies I had found online. About an hour drive east of me. There was a 'red' puppy but she kept running back inside and didn't want to sit with me. These two didn't mind the heat. The one of the left walked over to me on his own, sat on my lap while I talked to him. It was Watson and the blog since then tells his story.

As you see it was before I had the fence installed. I like the open yard better than it being fence in but it was going to be too much of a problem with two hounds and their strong noses and a dog. All three likes people. I had to contain them so they would have the yard to themselves and could stay outside as long as they wanted.  Plus Stella was still around and she was a professional when it come to slowly wandering off and disappearing. 

This is the first afternoon that Watson was home. Henry and Walter liked having a new puppy to play with.

Walter even got into the act and showed his speed and agility playing with Watson.

It was a good day today although we started with light rain. I was able to 'clean' the yard this morning after their breakfast. Parts of the yard are really saturated from all the rain but so far unlike last year, nothing is under water. Maybe all those bags of topsoil I spread out in the low spots worked after all. I just need to get my grass back. Of course the yard this past July looked like this photo. It's that my yard up north never got bad during the winter like this one has for two winters in a row.

I bought a few food items in the store. As I walked by the section for eggs I was amazed in the fast increase. Those dozen eggs I bought just seven days ago had gone up from $4.79 to $5.49 and if you wanted the Great Value (Walmart brand) 18 eggs, was over $7.59. Eggs may soon be out of my diet for good. 

It's not that I can't afford to pay that much, it's the principle of it. I have limits on what I will pay for anything not just food. It's like when I decided to stop going to ballgames, besides the Evansville Otter games, when ticket prices were just to ridiculous. The most I pay for an Otter's ticket is $4 and I sit right off home plate.

I was looking through the History Channel last night during NFL game commercials. "Food That Built America" looks pretty interesting. What an amazing story of Kraft Cheese. I set the DVR to tape any new shows when they happen. Another show I love and if I could have that job I was become un-retired .... Carnival Eats !!! Oh that guy has a great job. I am not one to go to carnivals but next fall I might have to venture down Franklin St. and see if I can find some of the food I have seen on the show Carnival Eats. Diets be damned !!!!

I have the DVD Blu-Ray of the new Top Gun Maverick. When I heard a few years ago they were making a sequel to Top Gun, I didn't see how that could be possible and still be good. It's that good. I have watched that movie so much I have lost count of how many times. The flight scenes are great and I would love to have the older Porsche 911. 

Another show I like that I see on tv sometimes, "The Accountant". It is a good story but might have too much shoot 'em up bang bang for some people. A Few Good Men was on tv last night. I always liked Jack Nicholson in that movie.

I guess tonight I will check for any movies on tv or that History Channel and glance at the NFL playoff game. What is a team with a losing record (Tampa Bay is 8-9) doing in the playoffs? You know there are conspiracy theorists in the NFL ??? Yes, true. They seem to have a lot of evidence that games are scripted in advance. You have to wonder when profession teams in a playoff situation are blowing 27-0 leads to lose the game as just one example. There was another comeback like that this weekend too.

It is going to be beans and cornbread again for the 2nd time in one week. It's that kind of weather.

Wet and damp, a little cold but still a good day in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.


  1. Nice friendly blog tonight. Pup pics were cute.

  2. Great pictures tonight Steve and enjoyed going down memory lane.

  3. What a great post of all the hounds and dog photos. Really enjoyed it!

    My husband had a 1974 Porsche 911S Targa when we married and what a fun car that was! One day he got a bee in his bonnet and sold it to a friend and always regretted it.

    1. Oh, that was a nice car. Yes, I imagine he did regret that. I know the feeling, luckily my Z4 came back to me by chance and was only 4 miles from where I live now.

  4. LOL HA HA HA, you cannot fool the Admirer when it comes to Winston!!!! You made his day!

    1. You know that was uploaded on purpose. Yes he would know easily when it's Henry and when it's Winston. LOL