May 31, 2013

Back to Looking at RVs and Trailers While Working on the Blog

As some of you may see, I've been spending time trying to get my blog back to the way it was before I deactivated it.  I guess some things on Blogger have changed in the past couple of months. It wanted to load my nonexistent Google +1 profile into the blog but just found how to fix that problem a few minutes ago and was able to change my profile back to my Blogger Profile.

When you look to the left you will see I have lost my link to people that follow this blog. I know the 'why', its because my domain name is not active and does not redirect to this blog address now being used --

I'm pretty computer literate but after searching all over the internet I cannot find a way to change the settings to "Friends Connect", which was what it was before I left in March 31, 2013.

So I am asking anyone that is reading this, how can I change my URL like it is asking me to do, so the faces and links of my followers are back to showing up on my blog.

While doing this I have been taking time out to look at RVs for sale, trailers for sale, jobs listings on Workcamper and finding new blogs with good information.

Like a friend told me tonight, "its all about whether or not you really want to do it - if not, any excuse works. dogs are easy to rv with, rving itself is no big deal to learn."

I didn't have any doubts when I started this RV research in October 2011 and as time went on I found more and more excuses to keep me from making a decision.

Has anyone else done the same thing when they were deciding to full-time or part-time on the road?

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