June 06, 2013

Fear and Decisions

Since returning to blogging and stating I was back in the RV/TT decision mode, I have received a lot of good feedback from blog followers and friends via blog comments and emails. I have asked over the months if not this past year, why I am having such a hard time deciding on whether to by a Class A, Class C or a TT and that question would bring a lot of answers through blog comments and emails.

All along I really knew that answer but didn't feel it needed to be public knowledge. Maybe afraid to say.

A friend today pointed it out to me via an email and it's a word that many have and it's only 4 letters.


Yes I was and continue to be confused on what to buy but the difference is, not only today but the past few days, I am going to buy one of my options and hit the road. If that doesn't work out, I'll sell it and buy something else.

Yes, my house is paid for but I'd really rather live in a different part of the United States. I grew up in Indiana, graduated from Indiana U and am an avid fan but I also spent 10 years in southern California and  another 10 years NW of Seattle in the San Juan Islands. I spent only a year in Breckenridge Colorado and traveled through many of the western states. I would love to live in a different part of the United States, I just don't know where yet.

I would rather end up in the west or southwest therefore I am putting my house up for sale by Sunday afternoon and sell it as is, by owner.

My best option is to wait to sell the house and then buy the rig and then travel but that is not the only option. My other option is to buy the rig/TT now, apply for some workcamping jobs even though it's late in the game for that and then travel to the job, learn more about my rig and in May of 2014 when I can add Social Security as another source of income, I would then have the choice of workcamping or not. The last option is work until May 2014 or until the house sells and then hit the road.

I did look at and thought of keeping the house as a few suggested or even rent it out but looking at all the angles, being an out of state out of mind landlord or home owner is never a good thing in my opinion.  I need a clean break while I am out traveling. No late night calls from renters or disturbing news by email about a house problem.

If I decide RVing fulltime is not for me, then I move to a place I like in the west and go from there. As they say in basketball "no harm no foul".

Sooooo, it's back to selling as much as I can and/or donate what doesn't sell to the local goodwill or others that need it.

You didn't think I would leave you hanging by ending this post and not telling you my fear(s) did you?

1.  Financial disaster - either have something break on the RV/Tow Vehicle that would cost a lot of money to fix that would put a huge dent into my savings. Even after seeing all options spelled out for me on an Excel spreadsheet showing me that it would be ok, that I had enough income to live on ... the question was always in the back of my mind "what if...."

2.  Regret - selling a house already paid for where you have lived for 16 years. I don't 'love' where I live, but it's not that bad, where I just have to move to keep my sanity. Plus, having to buy a house later possibly where I was getting less bang for the buck .. but like a friend reminded me the other day, the difference in house cost is the cost of living in an area that you love compared to an area that you could leave at any time.

3.  Dogs - My dogs have a great set up here. The field behind the house where we walk every day is 10 acres of hay.  Would it be good enough for them to travel all the time and be outside in the dirt of the desert floor at times, etc, while their environment now is perfect for them? I know they can/will adjust but I kept wondering if it was the right decision for them.

Those were basically the 3 main fears.

They WERE a factor in not making a decision sooner because at some point in time I started focusing on the worst possible situations instead of remembering what led me to RVs enough to learn about them and the places to travel and how to boondock. I forgot about my original plans to "follow the weather", or travel to see a specific area that I had been to in the past or an area that I had always wanted to visit but never took or had the time. Or, have the ability to pack up and move when my mind wanted to change views.

You have NO reason to believe me because I have said the decision has been made before....you can scroll down on the right side of this blog to the "decision" or "decision is made" and see the number of times I posted that....but finally it has been made and I am already in action to make it happen.

1.  Final inspection level cleaning by Sunday afternoon.
2.  For Sale sign planted in the front yard by Sunday afternoon after the cleaning evolution.
3.  Look for, find and buy the vehicle, a Class C or TT
4.  Advertise my 2006 Mini Cooper and my 1994 Chevy Pickup for sale in various formats.
5.  Sell as many possessions as possible before I leave.

The excitement is back about fulltiming on the road, selling everything and not looking back.

P.S. - Yes I will post a picture on this blog Sunday night that shows the For Sale sign in the front yard with the house in the background!!!

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