May 28, 2013

My Mind is a Constant Journey

As you recall sometime in late March, I was a "test drive" away from buying a Class A, great condition, very low mileage and local. The night before I decided I didn't want something that large and was planning on going back to my original plan of a SUV and a Trailer, even with the hounds.

I am really not sure what happened in my mind that is in constant motion and I do mean constant, never slows down. I woke up around March 31 and decided a whole new idea of no RVing, keep the house, keep the job (misery) and travel when I want using this small house that is paid off as my base camp. Yet that traveling and camping would be with an H3 and a trailer, no rv.

Instead of keeping the blog open and not posting, I decided instead of keeping followers hanging, that I would just delete the blog since I had decided not to rv in any form or fashion. I even had doubts that I would even camp when I traveled. So, I deleted the blog, domain name and got as far away from the thought of rving as possible.

It may have been the weather, maybe information I was reading from blogs I followed, but it seemed that more and more people on the road were moving back into sticks and bricks, or downsizing their rigs and/or not traveling at all. The funny thing is I started to figure out and dwell on the amount of water I would have to carry with me for me and my hounds drinking water. It seemed to be an astronomical amount of water, where I would probably have to go to town more often to get water for all of us more frequently than going to town to get food for myself.

So, I proceeded to push the thoughts of rving full-time, part-time, anytime out of my mind. I didn't look at rvs, trailers, etc. I DID keep reading the blogs I follow and I did think back to the reasons I had when I started to research about traveling and living full-time on the road. As these two months away moved forward and myself being in a "normal" routine, through 5 days at home due to the government sequestration and government contractors, plus the recent 3 day weekend .... I realized I still did not want what I have nor live where I live. I could look at my routine while home away from work and realized there was no way I could do that day after day being retired.

I realized with my mind constantly changing, what could be more perfect than a situation where I could pack things up and move to a different location every two weeks or every month or whenever. That was one of my original reasons to research about living full-time on the road.

Yes, I could keep this house as a base camp but at the same time to keep the house and yard maintained that is additional expense. To rent it out and pay to store my personal stuff, that is added expense. If I were traveling I don't believe I would want to keep the house in the back of my mind, wondering if it was ok, no storm damages, no theft, etc.

I started thinking of selling everything I own, house included and leave at the time of the sale closing. I have nothing holding me to having to live in this area.

My spreadsheet analysis has 4 different options, each listing expenses and income....of the 4 options, the one with the largest net income per month is selling the house and rving full-time.

Do the numbers and my gut feeling add up to the correct decision?

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