May 16, 2014

A Friday Morning Update

Thanks for all the comments last night, they were  a big help. Some of the comments confirmed my thoughts and doubts, while other comments gave me new things to look at it or think about. I have notified the seller that I will not move forward with the deal.

The good news is a follower of this blog told me about another Holiday Rambler nearby. I called that seller this morning 8am local time. I am the first caller and also will be the first person to see that rig today. He not only has the original owner manual but ALL service/maintenance receipts for the life of the rig. From the photos on the ad, it looks like it is in better shape than the one I just looked at.

The reason for him selling this Holiday Rambler that I am going to see, he just bought a new truck and a 5th wheel to continue his RV traveling.

I think I will have some great news later today.

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