May 12, 2014

Trailers Still Being Researched

After more analysis, good blog comments and some emails, I've eliminated the Starcraft Launch Extreme for a couple of reasons. Tanks are too small to boondock and I'd prefer the double axle trailer instead of a single. So I move to other options, but some trailers that were considered in the past. The Arctic Fox is used by many full-timers and is also made by the same manufacturer as the Nash trailer. I like the Arctic Fox 22H model, even though it doesn't have a back window. I have walked through similar floor plans in other trailers here locally so I have an idea what that the Arctic Fox 22H will look like on the inside.

As suggested by a reader, I checked out the Creek Side trailers, made by the same people that started Northwood Manufacturing. I did not see a lot of those trailers for sale online, therefore that is probably a purchase from a dealer in the Oregon area. Traveling to Oregon to pick up a trailer is not a problem for me but it would be nice to find something within 200 miles so I can check them out in person, bring them home to load and learn plus let the hounds become familiar with their new trailer.

The Nash 18L is still under heavy consideration but the only ones I have found available are in Oregon. I would say it's really between the Arctic Fox and the Nash trailers. That they are 4-season trailers are just a coincidence.

After talking to local RV dealers last week there was one common answer among all of them. The reason it is so hard to find the Arctic Fox, Nash, Escape (Canada), Bigfoot  trailers in the Midwest, the camping is not geared for BLM boondocking due to BLM availability. Most camping here is done on weekends in campgrounds, therefore the trailers I am asking them about are not traded in very often and the dealers for those trailers are usually west of the Mississippi River.

Thanks to those people that suggested or sent me links to different brand owner forums. I was able to get and continue to read good information from the people that own and camp in the brands of trailers that I am considering. I do find at times older trailers in great shape that are Nash or Arctic Fox, then I start wondering if that is a better deal then buying something newer.

I look at many sites daily searching for one of those brands nearby but hard to find something close, in satisfactory condition or the right length. One thing I have noticed though, is trailers are not selling as fast as they have in the past. I have a folder for favorite trailer links and its very rare to click on that link to see that it is sold or deleted.

So that is the latest update on my trailer search.

Now as far as retirement and spending all this time at the house after a month ... I still love the schedule, I still have a growing "to do" list and even though I have curbed my spending this past year I keep seeing a lot of things I need to sell to downsize. I downsized a lot last summer and fall, still see more stuff to get rid of. So while I am trailer shopping I am going to increase my efforts to sell sell sell here at home. I want to get down to just one vehicle, my 4x4 pickup truck. I also see the list of things to do continue to grow, that come with normal house ownership, seems that list never stops. From that list alone I can see how people can sell everything and walk away without blinking an eye. Seriously I can find something every day to spend time on and to me, that is just something I no longer want to do most of the time.

The hounds do nothing but sleep. Since I am home most of the day now, I have found they sleep more than I ever imagined. They go on one walk per day and have moved their meal request up from a 4pm feeding time to 3pm feeding time. If the food is not out by 3pm, the bloodhound will come and find me or all 3 of them will stand howling until the food is laid out. Ticks continue to be the worst I have ever seen in the 17 years I have lived here, they are relentless no matter what you spray or use on yourself for repellent.

Thanks for all the comments and emails, your suggestions and comments really do help me.

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