November 26, 2021

A Trip Through The Past

Once I had my new Samsung T5 External SSD as the source to my 557Gb photos library, I caught myself going through a lot of folders of photos. I wanted to see if everything transferred okay to the new drive. These folders are made by me, not the automatic ones by Apple. I will try to comment on each one, as my memory will get a workout.

Maggie only lived to 7 years of age. Once she was diagnosed with cancer, the disease spread faster each day. We had a little photo shoot at the house the last weekend she was home.

Arthur was a lot like Henry as a puppy. I know that basset hound puppies are all the same but at times their personality sneaks out into a few things that are distinctly obvious. In this case Henry is as stubborn as Arthur use to be. They also loved tagging along with their bloodhound.

As some of you may know basketball is big in Indiana. Personally I think it was bigger when they had one class of high school basketball. In the 1960's "The Wigwam" was built in Anderson Indiana. It was NOT the largest high school gym in the state but was close with over 8,000 seats. A lot of great games were played in there along with the ABA Indiana Pacers when the league first started. Today the building sits empty for high school basketball and was vacant for years due to the expense of keeping it warm and well lit. 

Diesel was a good dog but I don't miss his barking at all hours of the night. He had a doggie door in the patio door so he had open access to his backyard 24/7. I was always curious who he was barking at while looking over the back fence into the vacant land at 3:30am. I had my ideas though.

The Tulip Trestle just a few miles north of Bloomfield Indiana. That is a single railroad track you see on top. It is still used today.

This old steel bridge was across the highway from the house I lived in north of here. I hear it was for farmers to get to their fields from the highway in front of my house at the time. It is a US Highway but back in the 30s and 40's only a dirt road to town. Steel really does last a long time.

Right before I moved from Sierra Vista AZ, the rancher dumped a herd of cattle in behind my house, on the other side of the wash. They were fenced in. They grazed for weeks before disappearing in the middle of the night on large semi truck trailers. They also made Diesel bark a lot during the day but the cattle moved out of the area every day around 5pm.

The tree straight ahead with no leaves, is the one that fell on Tuesday night. There were no high winds, no storms, just a clear bright cold night with a full moon. The hounds, the dog and I never heard it drop.

The field behind my house up north would be full of butterflies in the month of August. There were so many that sometimes I made blog posts of nothing but butterflies. They have their own folder of photos o my computer.

Like most dogs, Winston loved an afternoon nap under a hot summer sun.

There is nothing like an Arizona sunrise, with their open skies.

In some photos it is hard for me to tell between Stella or Sadie but the tail will have the correct answer. Stella was a red bloodhound but the bottom half of her tail was that from a Black and Tan bloodhound like Watson.

I always suspected Heidi was older than what the adoption place and their vet thought she was. When I picked her up they thought she was around 1-1/2 years old but didn't know for sure. She lived with me from July 2011 until she died in December 2020. 

Sadie loved chewing sticks ... 1" at a time.

Pies for Thanksgiving 2021. I had to sample when it came out of the oven.

A much different hounds and dog photo on Thanksgiving Day compared to last year. But their noses are the same, they are lovers of all kinds of food but that doesn't mean they get to eat all kinds of food.

Heidi will always be one of my all-time favorite hounds. All of them are favorites but some were a little extra.

Stella drove me up the wall sometimes when I would return home from local errands or shopping. From getting the whole bowl of fruit off the table and eating mangos, the whole bunch of bananas, apples, it didn't matter ... to ... tearing down screens to get out of windows, even get out of the house when the doors were shut and locked. The house I live in now was no challenge for her because all of the door handles are levers not round. It wasn't her fault she had severe separation anxiety but it was definitely challenging to live with. She was an escape expert and did that in every house she lived in. She found me though and decided I would be the one to take care of her since no one else would. This is one bloodhound I wish could have lived forever.

Coming down Carr Canyon in the Huachuca Mts. I had just moved to the Sierra Vista area. A friend wanted me to drive to the top where there is a campground that he had reservations too. I needed to find out if he could drive his camper van without 4x4 and make it to the campsite. There were a few spots like this that took your breath away. Yes, the road is turning back to the direction we are coming from.

A well worn path where in the two years I lived there I saw a total of three hikers walk that path from my view on my patio. Those hikers were the same man. I asked when I blogged about my hike behind my house this year, before moving, how can it be so worn?? Is the traffic on this path at 3:30am what Diesel was barking at? There were different things left on tree limbs to help those behind them.

This gives you a better idea what I was talking about in my last post on the "what if ..." The tree on the right fell at an angle where the top of it would have been close of knocking down that security light. The electrical wire is underground and goes to my house. The fuse for that security light is turned off now, but on the wall next to my wash machine.

The most interesting three months an a few weeks of my life. That is one memory I remember in detail even 49 years later.

I rented the lower floor to this house. The owners lived on the second deck and would spend their winters in Palm Desert CA. It was beautiful living there. Clams were good, right across from Hope Island north of Oak Harbor WA. Harry, Barney and I had a spit we would walk to and walk on. The spit would be in the lower right corner of this photo. That was just around the corner from Cornet Bay near Deception Pass Bridge on Whidbey Island. 

It would not happen every day but there were times Heidi was wanting to go for a walk in the field with me Stella and Sadie. She liked it and enjoyed falling behind and then running to catch up. Did you know basset hound tails are white on the end so they can be seen in a filed of tall grass while they hunting in a field? True fact.

So this is what you do when you have a new SSD external drive just to handle photos. It is faster than the speed of light when opening the Photos program, transferring photos or just looking back through your library. It was a rainy Thanksgiving Day with some time to put this post together in-between the dinner (at noon) and the football games.

A quiet day here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.


  1. How many dogs have you had in your life?

    1. My first basset hound was in 1987. I didn't have two of them until 1991. After that I would have 2-3 most of the time. I will have to go back and look but I DO KNOW not as many as the cars I have had. LOL

      Best guess based on photo folders .. 20 counting the 3 I have now and all the way back to childhood. 17 since I bought that first basset hound in 1987. Since blogging starting in October 2011 ... 7 counting the ones I have now.

  2. Lot of great memories there, Steve. Your SSD is great to have. They are coming down in price now, so that makes them more of an option. Thanks for sharing the photos and the memories.

    1. Thanks. I think I had a SSD advertisement show up in my Facebook news. They were really cheap at Best Buy plus I had some award dollars I had to use by December 4th. It is instantly fast. Yes, a lot of good memories there. That small 1bedroom apartment on the water was one of the best I have lived. I loved living on the water.

  3. Loved your post and all the great photos tonight. Certainly got my doggie fix seeing all of your pups from over the years.

    1. Thanks. Each dog has his/her own folder of photos. Those that were before the internet had their photos scanned into my library. I don't take as many photos now that I am not walking the field everyday but this last transfer to a new drive said there were over 77,000 total photos.