March 12, 2022

Yes It's Normal

This time last Saturday I was sitting outside on the patio in 75° weather, the hounds were enjoying the backyard and the warm sunshine. Yesterday on Saturday it started snowing, ending up with a little over 3" and temps this morning at 16°. If you live in Indiana or are from Indiana you know this is not a surprise for weather in March. I have experienced blizzards in the third week of March where highways were closed and only "essential" traffic was allowed.

All three have been outside a couple of times this morning but I had to herd them back inside for their own good. They don't seem to mind with the weather says "it feels like" 8°. Looking at this photo makes me feel warmer and reminds me that Spring really is just around the corner.

By tomorrow when temps climb into the 50's, they say we will get rain ... the backyard will return to this mess. I have taken enough photos of those low spots that I can fill them with dirt and new grass seed in a few weeks.

With the bad weather outside they will not be doing much more than this. They will get up for lunch but then right back to this. It is "March Madness" and for us college basketball addicts, it is the best time of the year. My team is still playing in their conference tournament today and that is a first in many years, so my Saturday is booked up.

Walter is never a fan when I'm talking on the phone.

Not a lot going on this past week in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.


  1. Love how the three peas in a pod cuddle together to stay warm.

    We had snow last weeks and temps in the low 30's during the day and low teens overnight. Today will be in the 50's. We have had snow on Mother's Day many times and a few times on Memorial Weekend. Personally I am ready for Spring, however the daffodils are still covered with snow. Enjoy your March Madness basketball games, it was one of my husband's favorite times of the year.

    1. Never got higher than 28° today but the snow was completely gone by late afternoon. In the 50s tomorrow. March Madness always has upsets and that is what makes it exciting. I think Gonzaga is finally going to win their first championship this year after a few final four trips.

  2. My 33 year-old Grandson has been a Gonzaga fan for years, so we are pulling for them to make it this time. Enjoy the Madness.

    1. I didn't know if Gonzaga was going to pull out that game Saturday night. I still think that new ball they are using by Wilson is too light, bounces off the rim to much with no chance of bouncing back in the basket, plus players are losing control of the ball just in a normal dribble. A rubber ball instead of a leather covered ball makes a big different when playing indoors on wood.