October 05, 2022

What Is That Sound ???

I was at my computer minding my own business enjoying the cool temps with the windows open. I heard a sound that didn't sound familiar yet it was in the neighborhood. Did someone get a new high powered mower? I didn't see anyone mowing their yards from the view of my computer room window but from the sound of it whatever it was ... was huge!! On occasion  I will hear the train but that is much further away from the neighborhood and this didn't sound like that train. No, this sounded like it was right in the backyard. I step out on the patio and see the two hounds trying to figure out what that loud strange sound is.

Watson turned to look to me for answers but I didn't have any.

Henry was pressing me for information too at the same time. I still didn't know what to tell him.

Then I looked to the right and saw the first path of cut corn. I knew what that strange sound was.

Walter didn't care about the sound as he was too busy sunning himself and almost asleep sitting up.

While I had a siesta lasting a couple of hours, it looked like I missed a lot of air traffic. 

The sound got louder and the hounds thought they could meet it at the other end of the yard .... but it didn't happen.

Watson was sure he had a beat on it. 

When 'it" didn't show up, Watson trotted to the other end of the yard because it now sounded like it was coming right through the fence. I stood on the patio looking for it and finally locked my camera focus into that cornfield spot and let the combine come into view.

About the time the combine was out of view ... Watson sees 'his' squirrel staring at him at the other end of the yard and sprints to the fence baying with Henry close behind. Walter? Still sunning himself.

They did finish after I had published this post.

Watson is always curious when I am outside the fence.

Another great fall day here in "the tropics" of southern Indiana.


  1. Nice having a little country atmosphere in your back yard to keep the gang entertained.

    1. A cornfield in a nice neighborhood that use to be all farmland in the late 1950s. Yet about 2 miles from all the brand name stores and city traffic.