February 16, 2024

Good Weather Turns To Snow

Our weather continues to be above their historical averages the past couple of weeks. Still our routine of winter hasn't seemed to change. The hounds spend more time outside while Walter and I stay inside. I was thinking the other day "if you have the windows open it is warm enough to go on a bike ride" ... but I am lazy, very lazy this time of year. History repeats itself.

The two shows that I binged watched, led to musical chairs between the couch and loveseat. Watson likes to move into the middle seat on the couch when Walter is stretched out snoring on "his" love seat. Then to let me know he wants to be petted he will lean that 135 pound body of his, back into me, almost leaning backwards. I grabbed a couple of photos of that happening.

He does know what "I am watching a movie" means and will slowly go back down in the sleeping position between me and Henry.

I do read a lot online and the books I have. Like I said, I have watched two shows on Amazon Prime with commercials as I refuse to pay another $2.99 per month to have them blocked. Then I see that someone has filed a class action law suit against Amazon concerning those commercials. I will not go into the long story but we might see a few dollars in a year or two after the case is closed.

I have shied away from the heavy lean towards beef as my main and at times only meal. I reviewed my notes, my spreadsheets, re-read portions of books and have gone back to my diet used many years. From all the articles, blogs, newsletters etc, I have found out all that time I have had a pretty good diet to begin with. Not really a diet but a way of eating. 

Yes, I will on occasion splurge and have a container of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, cherry pie, cookies etc ... but those monthly measurements and my multiple blood pressure readings per month are all consistent results. All data is well within a good range for my age and sometimes younger. Years of similar ebb and flow on my weight, depending what time of year it is.

That good weather I spoke of is suppose to change around 2pm today ... 1" to 2" of wet snow, which is just north of us while I write this. I doubt that any bad weather is going to affect the hounds and dog.

I will buy another box of Vanilla Wafers at my grocery store to continue my research on inflation. Not one of the cookies in the current box that I bought at Walmart, are solid on the bottom. It is just like other food that is smaller quantities at a higher cost. I will take photos of those other wafers I buy to see if they are the same ... or is Walmart buying Nabisco's lower end production? To me, that is not what a normal Vanilla Wafer looks like.

Normally Henry likes to sleep in front of my chair so I have no room to put my feet. This morning he gave me room for my feet by sleeping under my chair. This photo and the next one shows just how long he is.

With Henry under the chair, Watson stretched out behind him ... Walter was in his new regular position between the desk and door.

The house thermostat said 68°, but it always feels much colder inside. With the outdoor temperatures dropping fast to get to that snow point today, the hounds and the dog spend time as close to any heater they could find to warm up. I tried to explain to Henry he was blocking the hot air coming out of that register and not sharing it with the rest of us. Mainly me. 

We negotiated and agreed this was better for all of us to stay warm.

That only lasted less than a minute before he moved back over to his original position. Have I ever mentioned how stubborn a basset hound is? There was some nice warm air coming out of that register.

Our snow arrived two and half hours late, while all afternoon my friend up north where I use to live, was sending me photos and videos where she was getting pounded with snow. I didn't expect much here because after almost three years I see that most snow warnings are less than predicted. She ended up with six inches or more.

I decided to turn on Apple TV and watch Masters Of The Air and see how much snow we would end up with. That is an amazing show and the more shows I watch during that period of time I really feel people that were living in that period of time were the toughest people ever, in any generation.

Unlike my friend's snow, it stopped snowing here almost an hour on the dot. I checked the radar and everything had blown east of me. It will start melting by Monday and it will be 66° next Wednesday!!! I am not sure what Walter did to scrape off that snow because while he was out by himself I was watching tv.

My snow gauge. 

I am lucky to have hounds and a dog that go to the patio door when they need to go outside. Weather or cold temperatures don't bother them. Only Walter barks when they want to come back inside.

It looks like it might have snowed just a little between Walter's and Watson's visits about an hour apart. Nothing else planned for tonight except for some reading. I might find another movie to watch or I might try to get a good start on 10 hours of solid sleep that is needed.

We survived another snow storm by it missing us here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.


  1. We had about 15-16 inches of the white stuff last week and it is just starting to melt a bit. Our temperatures have been in the mid-40's this week. We are to get a couple of inches of rain the first of the week, so that should help with the melt.

    Love the photos of the hounds and the dog. I think my favorite was Walter resting his head on Watson - very sweet.

    Don't get me started on grocery prices and our President stating that the grocers need to lower their prices. Does he not understand that it is the trickle down economics? Off my soap box now.

    1. He barely understands he's not a senator anymore let alone what the heck is really going on.

    2. He has no clue what's going on. Man that is a LOT of snow. It's good that it is starting to melt and not end up like last year. I think Henry is Walter's favorite pillow as it happens quite a bit, even here in the computer room. 41 days until baseball season starts. That makes things sound warmer. LOL