February 18, 2024

Heat Wave Over 33°

It was more of the same today only the starting temps were much warmer than Saturday morning. With the sunshine out, most of the snow was gone by days end. Watson found a new person to bay at. Opposite side of the yard and by the time I saw him, the neighbor two house down was just walking behind his woodworking shed. After some exploring all three came inside for their normal mid-morning naps.

After this photo I reset my Nikon D3500 back to its default settings. I know last year sometime OFM told me what adjustments to make but now I can't remember them. So I will go back to default and start over. 

These eight photos were taken after I did a "Reset All Settings" and made no adjustments. The last two of Henry and Walter were darker because I shot them facing into the sun. I have brought up some websites after my search "Nikon D3500 settings for best photos". I will not go to RAW because they are just too big of a file and takes more time than I want to spend to resize them when sending them to the blog.

The next batch of photos will be after I make some adjustments.

 It is gradually getting warmer here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.


  1. I cannot recall any settings discussions either. Good luck.

  2. Nice that you are seeing the sun out and the gang can enjoy the outdoors. It has been very foggy and raining here for nearly 24 hours with about one inch so far and it's to continue Tuesday and Wednesday. One nice thing is our lake is full and they have had the gates open to let water out.

    1. It's going to be great weather the next week with a high of 70° on Monday. So the hounds and dog will spend a lot of time outside as per their request. The problem is, Henry loves pulling patches of my greenest grass out of the yard to eat them. Nothing new, has been going on for three years. Drives me insane.

    2. My Black Lab loved finding some grass to chew on. Our yard is mostly ground cover. Our rain stopped last night and we totaled just over 5 inches since it started and washed most of the snow away. More rain is coming the first of next week.