July 04, 2016

A Rainy And Dreary 4th Of July

The weather experts were right on the money with their prediction of a wet holiday weekend. Once again this morning we woke up to rain hitting the leaves of the mahogany tree outside the window.

Two of the three hounds were in a deep sleep, snoring and didn't wake up immediately. They do know that when I get up, it's breakfast time for them and eating may be their favorite hobby.

I could tell by the skies we were not going to get much done today at the house. I forgot it was a Monday. I need to buy groceries, wishing I had delivery. My mind has been wandering lately and I'll touch on that later in this post.

Again the hounds headed in the direction I am not wanting them to go ... what happened to the 'good ole' days where they would walk straight back into the field and explore along the tree line?

Luckily Stella will come when I yell her name. By the time I do that she is far enough away that a yell instead of just calling her name is needed. I guess I shouldn't be that alarmed. When I first moved here in 1997, my first basset hound Harry, would go that direction, but all the way over to the 2nd house north of me and lay on the top step of their swimming pool. Or he would head south and check out the landscaping business ... sometimes take an afternoon nap, before they would call me to let me know he was there.

Sadie knows that is not the right place to head so she usually watches Stella walking into trouble and then looks back at me to see if I am going to do anything.

A little after 1pm we tried going outside again. I guess when they said "scattered" thundershowers it meant it was to be a light rain anytime we went outside. It was't long after these next three photos that we headed inside as the rain drops became bigger and more frequent.

By late afternoon it had stopped raining but we still had that dark overcast sky. Sadie wanted a walk but with standing water in some parts of the field ... a walk wasn't going to happen. I grabbed my camera and a chair and took all of these photos sitting down.

You might notice a slight difference in the quality of the photos today. When you are stuck inside you find things to do. Today's special task was to take a new soft micro cloth and clean my camera plus both lenses. I think it made a big difference in my photos today.

With raindrops hanging from the short grass in the field, Stella thought that made the grass taste even better. She couldn't eat enough of it quick enough and didn't want to share with Sadie.

I guess the highlight of the day was seeing the reactions of each bloodhound when they heard a loud popping sound, only to see this large piece of bark from the sycamore tree pop off and fly overhead into the backyard. I probably have more bark laying around than anything else.

The hounds are not happy unless they can slowly drift as far away from the house as possible. As the rain started to fall again, they slowly headed for the house ... but not fast ... slower than slow.

Amazing after I cleaned the 55mm-200mm lens, it worked for all settings. Lately it would not focus past 135mm.

With rain the next 5 out of 6 days, I'm not sure when the next hound walk will be ... maybe Tuesday afternoon after the yard is mowed.

The past week or so my mind has been drifting back to traveling. That topic stays hidden most of the time. I knew last August after a lot of thinking, once Stella arrived most likely my traveling would be put on hold. Well the urge to do something hit a few days ago and with the bad weather I have spent most of my time inside looking at houses, trailers, vans, motorhomes, etc.

I always come back to the same answers and ideas I have had in the past. From my testing a few months ago I found out real soon that it was much easier to walk two bassets and ONE bloodhound on standard 6' leashes compared to TWO bloodhounds and one basset hound.

If you would see how fast those two partners in crime take off after deer or birds in the field, you would know that walking them unleashed anywhere traveling is disaster waiting to happen. They would have to be leashed even if I were boondocking.

I always come back to converting a cargo trailer after I spend days looking at motorhomes, vans and travel trailers. So I think what I am going to do since I don't plan to travel until the number of hounds decrease over time, is to get a cargo trailer and take my time converting it. I could take trips locally to test things out as I went. Plus it would give me something to do since my house "to do" list was pretty non-existent this summer.

I have all my research from past year but it was just last year that I really started thinking about using a cargo trailer. I have a lot of photos of different mods, photos from different people using a cargo trailer to travel in and all kinds of sites bookmarked showing the 'how to' or their step by step process.

Stella has yet to do any damage to the inside of my FJ when I leave the hounds in the car when I make a short grocery run but I am not sure what she would do if she was left in a cargo trailer even with the AC or the heater turned on. There would be some times I would take off for a bike ride, a hike that didn't allow pets and maybe even a museum here and there.

I see some sunshine trying to fight through the clouds right now so it's all good here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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