May 07, 2019

Heidi's Alive And Well

Yes Heidi appears before the camera but that picture was from two weeks ago. That day I glanced out the living room window and didn't see her. Looked out the window of the computer room into the backyard and didn't see her. Nor was she along the bank on the south side. About the time I started to walk outside I looked out the bedroom window and there she was. This photo was taken through a screen window, so slightly dark.
You can see color is increasing by the day. That field will be completely yellow by the time they plow the field. The dirt area you see is where it was flooded just last week. Based on photos from this day last year, they are running a week behind in their planting.
This part of the field is always the tallest of the 7 acres. Partly because that is the lowest part of the field and but it is helped by bloodhound fertilizer over the winter months.
She had already hydrated herself before we came outside as usual but today decided some wet grass was needed before she attempted any kind of aerobic activity.
Perfect weather this morning minus the gnats that bothered me. Mid 60's slightly overcast and no wind.
Stella's slow stroll begins.
She will walk at her pace and her pace only. It's up to me what I want to do but she is always in control of this walk, both in the morning and afternoon. I am only around to take photos of it, blog about it all under her supervision.
You can see how fast the grass is growing. They will not cut and bale it until late June or early July. Eventually I will barely see her when she is off the path.
I tried once again this morning to take the 'old' way home but she wasn't listening to me. She kept walking on her path as if she didn't hear a word. Again, it was up to me which way I was going to go.
I think you can tell that she knows she always wins.
I like letting that corner of the yard grow wild like it use to be all over the north section of the yard. It should help a little on the rain flow and soil erosion.
I don't have to say anything because you know once you see this picture the morning walk is officially over.

I wasn't sure what the plan was for this afternoon when I saw neither hound wanted to do much after their lunch. It wasn't an hour later when Heidi wanted to go outside. I snuck around the north side of the house to take some photos of her. I was able to walk up to her and take photos at will as she was very cooperative today.
It is another beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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