January 16, 2021

Henry Continues To Impress

"The Mystery" of the day, week or this next month is where did Henry find this tree limb? I asked both neighbors Friday night if they might have tossed Henry a 'toy' over the fence but neither did and thought it was funny. He is quite the explorer. Or did someone walking behind the fence, which I never see anyone doing besides me or my neighbor, toss it over to the dogs in the backyard? Not sure but it came from somewhere early Friday night.

Looking around the yard for a large area of dirt where he could have pulled it out of the ground was nowhere to be seen. This was the largest area and as you can see, Henry is ruining the plastic under the rock for weed prevention. I put the plastic back under the rock but I hate to think what I might see next spring IF it ever starts raining. Weeds weeds and more weeds.

No I wasn't going to hit him ... I wanted to see if there was anyway the end of the stick could fit in that dirt area. Henry thought I was playing with him. He is getting bigger, funnier, and loves to play with Walter or Stella. Sometimes at the same time. He also leads the pack down the hallway and then outside first thing in the morning.

When I got him as a puppy and noticed he had an ability to find all kinds of wood under the rocks, I started putting the pieces I pulled out of his mouth and put them into a large UW coffee cup I had to make this collection. Due to the increase in pieces I stopped months ago.

It is starting to warm up slightly this past week. It is in the 40s now when we step outside as the sun comes up instead of the high 20s to low 30s. Coronado NF is straight ahead.

Early Saturday morning Henry was back at it. I was going to buy him a rawhide bone about that size but this might be the best way to go. Some natural roughage added to his diet.

The area behind Walter is his area to empty his tanks. No matter what part of the yard he uses back there, he will always head for the paver walk and sprint back into the kitchen but only following those stones.

It is going to be another beautiful day here in southeastern Arizona, as usual.

Last Monday or Tuesday I went to Pet Smart to buy two of the largest bones they had. Thinking that would give the puppies something to chew on for a week or two, maybe a month. Well they don't make them like the last time I bought them many years ago. The two hounds and the dog had them all gone within an hour!!!

Stella has always been Walter's best friend since the night he arrived last April as a 8 week old puppy.

Stella has a new spot to sleep. It's Heidi's old spot in the computer room.

I don't know how it happened but it did. I had the watch in my hands and was on the way of putting it on the small charger which is sitting on top of a tall pill bottle the vet gave Stella a couple of years ago. That gets it off the kitchen counter. Someway that Apple Series 5 watch slipped out of my hand and fell face first onto the kitchen tile ... there is the result. It still works and I have decided I will continue to use it. IF I do decide to replace it I will get the Series 6 which measures Blood Oxygen. I can spend money on cars but I hate spending money on a new watch based on how much they cost.

A few days ago all of the major companies for tv service, internet service, cell phones etc must have had a zoom call and decided to piss off all of their customers on the same day. I get my first bomb drop in my inbox from Cox Communications telling my my internent bill for high speed internet (150Mbs-180Mbs) is going up from $68 to $127 per month, that my 12 month promotion was over. BUT for $64 per month I could pick the plan where speeds would be reduced 93.8% !!!! I had to click the link to see how fast that was ... download speed 10Mbs which is even slower than I was getting with Hughes Gen 5 back in "the tropics" of southern Indiana.

By the time I picked myself up off the floor and got back in my desk chair. The second bomb dropped telling me my Directv bill was increasing from $67 per month to $133 per month. I don't have any of the movie channels, no extra sports packages ... just the normal 250 channels with nothing worth watching. I was going to drop them in February anyway THINKING I had a 12 month contract. NO ... she said "you had a 12 month promotion for the the lower price but a 24 month contract". I replied there was no way I was going to pay them $133 for tv ... so at $20 per month I disconnected my service and paid off the balance of the 1 year contract for $240 on my next bill. Instead of paying $720 more this year to pay off their ransom note.

With that, I called Verizon and switched my phone service back to them from AT&T. They gave me the two discounts I had before. I now have a stronger signal south of town out in the middle of nowhere.

I'm not finished though ... its been a busy week.

I sold my 1960 VW Double Door Panel van because it was going to cost more than I wanted to raise it to stock height. I thought the process was much simplier and much cheaper than I found out it to be. A guy in Tucson inspected and test drove it on Monday, then returned on Thursday to take it back to Tucson. His 5th vw on the property but their first bus/van. His wife said it was time to get a bus instead of another VW bug. See, I am not the only one addicted to old VWs.  LOL

I have a few other things in the works but nothing firm yet to blog about. It is nice though to leave the bathroom and other bedroom doors open again. Henry has grown up a little and has decided it is no longer fun pulling toilet paper from the bathroom out to the living room or furhter if I didn't catch him. He now likes to attack ME at the base of my achillis tendon ... just like Winston use to at that age.

Enjoy the weekend ... All is good out here in the "Wild West".


  1. Good to see you and the crew are doing well.

    About 1 1/2 years ago, I cut off Directv (no longer have to go out in the snow to brush off the dish) as it just kept going up and up. Also cut Verizon (before they sold out to Frontier, which gives horrible service up here from what I hear) as my land line. Separately with a family plan have Verizon for my cell. Went with Spectrum who serves us up here for internet and phone service ($98.94) per month. For television, I have a ROKU box (one time purchase charge) with Hulu (about $60 a month) and other free apps. It was an adjustment in how it all operates, but I am good with it and paying a lot less a month. With HULU you do get ABC, CBS and NBC along with a couple of local channels. Best I can do up here and it works for me.

    1. When I upgraded my iPhone in October 2019 Apple gave me a free year of AppleTV. I bought the box with my Best Buy award points and used that for a while. I will go back to that and probably buy Hulu if I buy anything. Verizon is good for phone service so I am basically set.

    2. Forgot that I also share Amazon Prime Video with my daughter's family. This is included with the Amazon Prime shipping that we share the cost on.

    3. Thats a pretty good program. I had it for a while but cancelled when my purchasing slowed down. They dont sell old vw's on Amazon. LOL

  2. Aren't their (pups) habits funny tho? Never know what they are going to do....

    1. About the time I stop one thing, they find a way to work around that. They are obvioiusly smarter than I am. LOL

  3. The admirer comes a dashing to my location, I "MUST" tell Steve he has an idea for Henry... buy those raw hides and you put them under the rocks so Henry stops chewing the icky wood. But, when I told Henry's friend that hiding Raw Hide bones under the rocks would certainly entice The Dog and Stella, into digging too... the little man's face was instantly overcome with sad looking eyes like Henry.

    1. You're right, Stella would like those too. She actually joined the bone eating surprise the other other day. I will go to the butcher shop in the morning and get the old fashion soup bones by the bag and freeze what they don't use. Tell the admirer, "good idea" though.