January 05, 2021

New Year New Template

I have always liked this style of blog but at the time my blog was structured with a sidebar that had photos of each hound and the dog. It had a list of blogs I followed and the archieve of past blog posts. So I chose not to use it. With changes a few months ago to just listing the blog posts and no sidebar, this style became an attractive option. Navigation is a little different if you are on a desktop computer (me) or a laptop. I will give you a brief tour. For those on tables and phones, there should not be much difference in what you see. After a full day of running, playing, barking, eating wood found under the backyard rocks and checking for the dogs next door ... they turn into this usually by 7pm every night.

As you see I didn't get to the painting project this fall for the patio floor. Too many things were going on again this year. It is at the top of my list for Spring 2021. Stella will be 12 years old this summer and I have yet to see even one hair that is gray.

Yes, that is a new bulldog you see on the corner of the patio. The other is my roving security dog to prevent the live ones from digging in the yard. For some reason that works as I move him from spot to spot. Henry is very smart when it comes to his digging. He has pulled more wood out from under the backyard rocks than they have cut trees in the Pacific Northwest. Yet the photo of my yard from 2011 that I found on the internet showed only one small tree, just left of center of the yard. 

Here is a fine example of Henry's wood addiction. While he chews on a small piece in front of me, even bringing it up to the patio, he has a second piece laying next to him.

This activity goes on 99% of the time when they are awake or not eating. Henry will pull the back of Walter's legs as if he was tearing it off the shoulder. I have puppy photos where he was doing the same thing in his litterbox with nine brothers and sisters. Walter will grab one of those long ears and pull that hard enough at times, when Henry was smaller would drag across the title floor. Not anymore as Henry is getting huge.

Yesterday's featured chew toy was an empty plant pot, plastic, that makes a lot of noise when he is ripping it apart. All of his chew toys and bones were still back in house when this early morning photo was taken.

Recently at night or anytime they sleep, Stella has become a favorite of Walter once again.

When you have 60 year old VWs it seems there is always something to fix even if it has been "refurbished" by the previous owner. In this case the seller all out lied in his sales ad and by the next morning after my trip home from Phoenix, gear oil was running down the driveway. Brake cleaner or Dawn dishsoap does a great job getting that out of concrete with a water rinse. In this case axle boots and seals were replaced, semphore (pop out turnsignal) on left side was hooked up, new headlight switch so I now have headlights and tail lights. There's more. The previous owner had a bug exhaust on it for some reason and that was why the rear bumper would not fit. So it now has a BUS exhaust and muffler, rear bumper fits as it should. Quite a surprise to be doing these repairs after spending too much money to buy it in the first place. Built in September 1959.

This is my 1959 VW single cab pickup truck. It was restored from front to back, all new electrical and mechanicals. Yet after parked in front of my friend's bicycle shop last week for an hour or so for visiting and lunch, I came out to see gasoline not dripping, but running out of the customized aluminum gas tank tucked in behind that side panel. Tomorrow it goes back to the garage lift you see with my other VW photo, to install a new stock gas tank. 

Now for a little navigation around the new blog design. Up in the upper left corner where you see "Magazine" and a drop down arrow, you can change the template to what you want before you bookmark the site or leave it as is. Over on the right side towards the top you will see a dark bar with four sections. Put your cursor over any of them and they will expand to show you the description of each section. Click on any blog post title and that will open up the post where you can find the comment section at the bottom of the post.

Let me know if you have any questions or requests. I like the new look.

Things are pretty normal here in the "Wild West". 


  1. Happy New Year, and looking good on the blog. Interesting photos, as usual.

    1. Happy New Year to you and your family. A little variety on the photos. I need to get out of the house more. LOL

  2. Great photos! Thinking perhaps that the Yard Bulldogs need names since they are a part of the family. Like the new blog template and had no issues with it. Happy New Year!

    1. I will have to think pretty hard for the Yard Bulldogs. Thanks for the blog feedback. Happy New Year to you also.