January 24, 2021

It's Cold & Snow Is Close

I am a little late with this post because I did say the other day that I would post something this weekend with the hounds and the dog. It took a while to come up with anything blog worthy because they have not been doing much since it's been very cold today after another night of rain last night. You can see we finally have some snow on the mountains. Looking at the Windy app, it shows the snow will start at ground level late Monday night after midnight and will continue through Tuesday morning. But with temps in the 40s on Tuesday it will not stay around too long. Long enough for photos.

As I sit here writing this Henry is in the exact position, only a foot further back. That is his night position if I am in the computer room. 

Walter has always been attached to Stella since the first night he walked into the house as an 8 week old puppy.

The rake prevents Henry from going back and digging up what I just covered up ... the plastic that is under the rock to keep the weeds out.

Things looked great this morning but with the kind of storms we are getting now, by mid-afternoon the sky has changed drastically and nothing you see there is visible with storm clouds and heavy rain/snow in the mountains.

When the last of the yogurt container is shared individually with the dog and two hounds, ALL of them have yogurt all over their faces, nose, jowls, lips ... so they clean each other up and at the same time get one last small drop of yogurt.

I have not turned on the tv to live network stations since January 13th, the day I cancled my contract with Directv. I have Apple tv, so I have been able to find some very good documentaries to watch on National Geographic. Walter still thinks he can talk me into letting him on the couch or he just needs more attention.

Henry is always on the lookout for food. In this photo I have no food anywhere near me but that does not keep him from wanting more yogurt.

As you can see, it's pretty hard for me to find room for my feet when sitting on the couch, even when watching a movie. I fall into the sitting postion on the couch and then slide my feet to the bottom of the coffee table. Henry will NOT move under any circumstance.

When his ears are in that position, he is in a deep sleep, until he hears the refrigerator door open, or some kind of noise dealing with food.

I have had a couple of people driving by this weekend that have stopped to look at my VW bug. One other has asked all about it and needed a short tour. As I was walking back from the mailbox this afternoon I noticed it blends in well with the house being close to the same color. It is a favorite around town and even a couple of people knew the history of the WWII 82 E model.

It might be cold here temperature wise but the wind chill is not nearly as bad as we experienced in Indiana with the same temps. I am still counting days until we get to some good spring and summer weather.

It's all good in the 'Wild West' this weekend.


  1. Missed this post yesterday. Was so tired from a day of shoveling - fluffy snow that caked on the shovel when you tossed it. Twice the work.

    Great to see the crew. I've said it a hundred times but just Henry's eyes - they are just so expressive. Take care.

    1. Sorry to brag but Henry is one beautiful basset hound. Yes, he eyes are expressive. I picked him after I saw his two week photo from the breeder. I was #2 in line for a male and #5 in line to choose from the litter of 10. He is quite funny and never a dull moment each day.