May 17, 2021

The 1960 VW Single Cab Delivered

The plan was always to replace the 1959 VW Single Cab truck I had with an old stock version of the truck. Stock height not lowered, original paint and preferably some rusted patina. (worth more when selling). I had been looking for that kind of single cab truck and a panel van since last December. I had found panel vans but I didn't want to pay $35,000 or more for one. Right before I moved I bought this 1960 single cab on the Samba website and contacted a shipper to find a transport from Mercer Island WA to my new house.

It was picked up last Thursday the 13th with plans of being delivered a week later, this Thursday. There was a little cushion in case the trucker ran into snow in Wyoming. I got a phone call Sunday afternoon telling me he was ahead of schedule and delivery would be this morning. Once I told them I was always up at 5am, I got another call and the driver said he could be here around 6am. I pulled into a vacant parking lot about 6:15am and saw him heading my direction.

It did not take him long to move the different sections of the trailer, giving him room to drive mine off without even taking any other cars off the trailer like I had witnessed with one I had sold back in 2005. To the readers that don't know anything about these old VWs, whether they are beetles, buses or trucks ... they have always been a good investment the past 15 years. I use mine, I drive them as they were designed to do but always sell them for a profit.

Everything is very mechanically sound. Some things are fairly new like the transmission, the 1600cc engine, new brakes, brake lines, new bumpers (very hard to find). That original German Dove Blue paint has been baked by years under the west Texas sunshine. Of course that door (treasures chest) was from a different truck at sometime in it's history. All the gates fold down and are heavy enough that they don't move while driving so the truck can be used as a flatbed truck.

I backed it into the driveway with plans of moving the 1957 VW 82E to the right garage and the truck to the left garage. Like any day in retirement, things can happen at a moment's notice and plans have to be fluid to change. Change they did. My neighbor Steve pulled up in his 1929 Ford pickup truck that had more patina than my truck had. In fact it was solid rusted patina. Like me, his memory failed a little bit. 

After he had filled his truck with some gas, he put the gas can holding a few gallons, on his running board and forgot it. He lives around the corner from me, up and down some hills ... but the gas can stayed on the running board until ... he stopped in front of my house ... then it fell off spilling gasoline across the road.

We spent time putting the dirt from my yard on top of the gas spill to soak it up. I didn't have any kitty litter nor did he but he had bags of sand. He brought those over later and we covered the spill. My friend Ralph decided with all that excitement it was time for him to show me the Columbia Sportswear store across the Ohio River in Henderson KY ... for employees only EXCEPT if you had a military ID card. We both had retired ID cards ....

It was like Christmas stepping into that store.  HaHa ... since I had given my 19 year old Columbia Parka to Goodwill when I moved, I needed another one for this winter just in case it snowed and got cold. Luckily with the discounted prices I was able to find the same one I had or at least the same design for only $120 ... I had paid close to $200 for the same type of parka in 2000. Needless to day we filled the cart with enough gear to get us through the summer and winter months.

That is a 1600cc engine, a little bigger than what the truck originally came with. So it keeps up with traffic when needed otherwise it is strong up the steep 80' hills I have around me. If you adjust the valves and change the oil every 3,000 miles, that engine will last forever.

You know what is wrong with all these new trucks you see and the new Tacomas I have bought and soon sold or traded for something else ... their truck beds are so short you can't haul anything. Well in December 1959 when the German factory was building this truck they decided the inside of the truck bed should be 9'7" long, room to spare for a sheet of plywood or an 8' 2x4. The width is 5'1" and that is stock size. The mpg isn't bad either in this old rusted monster.

When I moved I was hoping to find a restaurant like Papa's Diner in Sierra Vista AZ or Sunny D's in Huachuca City AZ and my old friend Ralph suggested a place just a few miles from the house. It was the place I was looking for ... The Cross-Eyed Cricket. Sorry no website but two locations in this small city. 

They did their biscuits and gravy much different than I had ever seen. Normally the plate is full of two biscuits smothered in gravy ... but they brought the gravy in a cup for two biscuits and in a bowl for three or more biscuits. Surprisingly there was more than enough gravy in that cup for two biscuits. Looks like I have found my old fashion restaurant within 4 miles of my house.

It just started getting hot and humid today but these photos are from yesterday. After they have their afternoon meal of kibble they are out like a light, with Walter snoring loudly in the background. They prefer the computer room for their after meal naps.

This photos was from today. It was 77°, 48% humidity. It felt good through, yet so much different than intense heat from the sunshine at high elevation and no humidity to speak of in Sierra Vista . I knew what I was moving into and can handle it. I will always miss the Huachuca Mts, the biking and hiking but I love this new location, the house and the city.

That is Walter's and Henry's friend next door, Suzanne. Her daughter takes care of her and she loves the dogs. With Henry restricted by the cord she will walk over to him to pet him and talk to him. Walter runs right to her in her yard, sitting down waiting for her to pet him. She likes them, she said they make her laugh ... but she doesn't remember them by the next time she sees them. Very nice lady.

After Walter had ran around the yard marking all of his spots, then got some pets from the neighbor he wanted to go inside. He just didn't realize that part of the deal was a closed screen door. He is good with that though and lays on the rug and sleeps the afternoon away.

Nothing planned for tomorrow ... I hope to have the county sheriff stop by to verify my VIN for each VW so I can get some license plates for them. I am still waiting for the title for the Mini Cooper, which I will need to get an Indiana license plate. Windows are open, ceiling fans are blowing cool air through the house even at 73° now. It is quiet and peaceful here ... I like my new truck.

Another great day of retirement in "the tropics" of southern Indiana.


  1. Sounds like you had a terrific day and added to your fleet. Good for you!

    So great that Henry and Walter are making your neighbor's day special.

    1. When they both take one step on the patio they look to the left to see if she is outside. Walter sprints to her yard if he sees her and Henry follows. I think Walter would sit with her all day if I didn't call him. Well the truck already has a mission once it gets licensed. Previous sellers left long pieces of aluminum when they installed a new roof. The new truck will take that to the recycling center.

  2. You should have made a deal for the whole truck load of cars! That would keep you busy for a couple weeks, trying to determine which ones to keep and which ones to sell. LOL You got your V.W. truck, and it looks good. Now you can get lumber and plywood, and that could lead to something, for sure! Never a dull moment in retirement, 'eh Steve?

    1. From what I am told, I can no longer afford lumber and plywood. No there isn't any dull moments. My friend and I said just the other day, it is one unexpected event after another in retirement. I wonder what today will bring that is not on my schedule. LOL

  3. It sounds nice there and SO green!!!

    1. I am really liking the change in weather and that surprises me because I love hot weather. Windows are still open with ceiling fans. I've never had ceiling fans until now and they work quite well. Definitely a lot of green and that cannot be too bad.The pups have gotten use to the sound of birds also, so Walter doesn't bark at them any more. It's nice and quiet here.