February 19, 2022

Anti-Vax Canadian Protests

A friend sent me a video from Twitter yesterday to show me what was on their news. I didn't see anything on tv here nor the online news about it until this morning.  Yes, you see people on the ground and on the video I saw horses knocking them over and walking on them. It looked like some horses were stomping on those that were knocked down. This photo is from Canada ... Is this going to be a scene in the USA in the future? Will I be put on a list of some sort for posting it on a public blog? If you read Kunstler's blog on my sidebar he talks about a truck caravan forming in California with a departure date of February 23rd. I guess we will see what happens, since I have heard about that before as far back as November. 

When it gets too quiet in the house after some all out playing inside and outside, I walk quietly to see where the hounds are and if they have found something new to get into. Henry has always been a pillow hound. Or laying down and leaning up on something, like the shelf in his puppy box, the entry to my walk in shower or me if I am sitting on the couch. He still tries to climb up on my chest to lay his head on my shoulder like I use to hold him at 8 weeks old. He didn't weigh 75 pound then.

The other two like the computer room while I read or make blog posts. Just like Stella taking care of Walter when he was a puppy, Walter likes to make sure that Watson is okay, although much bigger than him but sill not quite 10 months old.

When I say they play outside and inside, I mean all out sprints from one side of the yard to the other, chasing each other. Even Walter gets involved. If those temps are below 30° I try to monitor the time they are outside and have to beg for them to come inside even when it's 17° outside. Once inside they play, running from the patio door to the front door in the living room, chasing each other. They stop for strategy, hiding behind the couch or coffee table. 

Water is chewing on his REI rubber bone. I bought two of them in June 2015 when Winston, Sadie and Heidi went on a one week trip out to Utah and Colorado. They never ever chewed on those bones. In 2020 when Walter showed up, he tore into them. He always, ALWAYS runs around looking for one of them when he knows I am going to leave the house for shopping or local trips.

Watson is chewing on a large Benebone.

Walter will attack Watson with the meanest sounding growl once he loses the bright green or bright orange bone. If two out of the three are fighting over those bones, one on each end are pulling with full strength to get it away. All three have the strongest jaws and never give up until I break them up.

Wednesday night it started raining and didn't stop until early Thursday night. I saw a headline in the paper yesterday where that amount of rain broke the record for rain in 24 hours in this town. Consequently the hounds didn't get out much on Thursday until they just couldn't wait anymore ... then ... they ventured outside in the pouring rain for a short time and a sprinted back to the house. 

The neighbor asked me last May when I moved in, "did Cliff tell you how the backyard stays wet all the time"??? He didn't of course, what house seller would?? Currently my mind is thinking for a solution. 

Luckily by Friday morning the ground had absorbed all the water because it was 19° and it wasn't getting out of the 20s. There will be high's in the 60's tomorrow through Tuesday ... that is just Indiana weather.

I didn't have enough current photos of the hounds and the dog for this blog post, so I went into my photo library and searched for "February 19, 2016" ... there I found Heidi scratching her healing skin which at one time was raw and no hair on her paws. We went though allergy meds, allergy shots, epson salt soaks, grain free dog food and a lot of vet visits ... nothing worked except moving to Sierra Vista AZ. Her skin cleared up within months, never to return.

February 19, 2016 found Sadie and Stella wrestling in their back yard, 90 some miles north of here. They loved to play together and getting Stella was so good for Sadie. She had a dog her same size that she would play and explore with.

I decided to move the search of photos up to 2017, same date as today. They loved to explore the field behind the house. 7 acres of what they called hay but as each year passed more weeds would show up. 20 years prior, that field was nothing but grass. Sadie was a natural born tracker, Stella was just a little lazy to be as intense tracking as Sadie was.

Unless it was raining all my hounds would make that trip twice per day wearing out a path in the grass that could be seen from Google Satellite photos. I miss those times and all of those hounds. The house dynamic is much different today with the two hounds and one dog that I share my house with. Walter has ZERO interest in taking walks. Henry and Watson have to be walked one at a time.

I had seen it many times as I walked through the coffee isle at Walmart to pick up bags of Starbuck's or Seattle's Best Coffee. The price was always more than I wanted to pay. While in 2022 Starbucks are now making smaller 7oz bags for $4.54, this company has stuck to their 16 oz bags with one or two differences.

Not until I pour my normal 3 tbsp of grounds into the coffee maker, their side panel said I only needed 2.5 tbsp. So I added half a coffee cup of water. Another difference said I would need just one cup per day but I had already poured 2 cups worth of coffee grounds and water into the machine.

Before my first sip I slid the blood pressure machine over to me and took a "before" reading, then 50 minutes later took another reading after drinking one cup plus letting it flow through my blood stream. I took three readings because I was shocked that there wasn't a difference after one cup of coffee that had me already buzzing. 128/74 with a pulse of 62.

Curious me had to find out what two cups would do. Well after only 1/8 of a cup I stopped. I wasn't jittery but I had enough energy to bust through any wall of the house, run a marathon or bike the Tour de France. LOL

I've been bored lately so I have gone to Netflix and binged watched two shows this past week. I was way behind on both shows, many seasons to catch up. Ozark was so good that I started Wednesday afternoon about 1pm after watching a season the previous two days. Only this time I never stopped. Unbelievable that I stayed up all night and then watched through breakfast, through the afternoon and finally finishing the last season and episode they had available Thursday night around 11:30pm. I immediately turned off the tv and headed for bed wide awake.

During that time, Watson went to bed in the bedroom at this normal time in his normal place. Henry and Walter crashed out on the couch while I stayed up all night. The other show I watched before Ozark was Longmire. In any movie or show I watch, a lot of my interest is seeing where they are filming. It was great seeing Wyoming and the west in Longmire and the beautiful land in Missouri. I haven't checked yet where they filmed Ozark but it sure looked like Arkansas to me.

You know I keep spreadsheets about everything from dog food analysis to monthly mileage per each car. I sat an all-time record low in January. Total miles driven for the month was 79. Evidently I only went to the store for groceries and dog food, not much else. So far in February I am on a record setting pace to break the January record.

Bright sunshine is engulfing my computer room, desk and monitor. Apple has a built in design where I can see my monitor clearly without making any kind of adjustments. Auto spelling correction is the worst invention of all time on any device. Good proof reading with manual corrections is much more accurate. Yet I am sure there are some spelling mistakes after my proof read. 

That is about all going on here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana but let's see what transpires in four days out in California with the truckers.


  1. Here is an interesting thought to ponder... "How come there has not been any reports of Soros and Bill Gates getting the virus?" Someone made sure TRUMP got it early on... just my morning thoughts. I think we will see our country be torn to shreds until we get a couple of damn clowns out of the big white tent in DC.

    1. Now that is a question I have never seen anywhere, although I saw today that Biden's medical expert has tested positive as well as his family. Didn't they follow the rules they spoke of? Doesn't matter, this virus is so unpredictable. I am still maskless in public and not vac'd ... nothing has changed for me.

  2. Those Truckers were protesting the freedom of choice regarding the vaccine not the vax itself. The Truckers union was forcing them to get vaxed or lose their job. They don't want to forced to get a vaccine, the want to have the freedom of choice. Same with masks. They want the freedom to make the choice. They don't want to start losing their freedoms. That's my understanding anyway.

    1. Yes that is correct. Should I change the title of the post

    2. To me "vax" and "vaccine" are one and the same.

    3. To me also vax and vaccine are the same.

  3. The woman in charge of finance for Canada also works for klaus schwab, great reset guy. When someone brought up schwab's name in parliment, not only did they act like they couldn't hear, they didn't answer the question. Now parliment is shut down. Look for the video. It made my mouth drop open in awe that someone had the guts to bring him up and then their response. That says it all. Coming here soon, I'm afraid to say.

    1. Like they say in most cases "follow the money". Thanks for that information. It sounds like they respond to questions they way Biden's team does. I too am afraid things will get worse here. Hard to believe it's only been a year in office. I hope these changes are not like compound interest.

  4. Hi Steve; Churchill noted democracies are messy & imperfect but better than the alternative.In Ottawa the protest degenerated into an illegal blockade & occupation- & was tolerated for 3 weeks before being broken up with as little force as could be.The clip of the mounted police breaking up a very unruly small group unfortunately doesn’t show the guy throwing a bicycle directly in front of the horse’s legs & the horse jumped to the side bumping two people to the ground- given immediate medical attention & apparently relatively unhurt.Both countries are trying to limit the spread of this awful pandemic especially across borders & yes,no one is happy with all the restrictions & frustrations.I prefer to hear & see all the great interactions with your animals.Take care.

    1. LOL .... sure it was. Probably best you stop following the blog then.