February 11, 2022

Walter Meets His Friend Hank

When we moved in, my mailman saw Walter outside and fell in love instantly. He asked one day if I could bring Walter out front so he could see him. Walter and Matt are big friends now. Walter will look for the mail truck about the time it arrives but not every day. He knows that Matt will stop and see him and feed him treats. Matt liked Walter so much he wanted one just like him. Solid color English Bulldogs are hard to find I guess. Matt also wanted one the same color. That made it even harder.

Well after eight months of tormenting himself, Matt sent me a text one night telling me "look what I bought". It was a picture of Hank, a eight week old purebred English Bulldog slightly lighter than Walter. Today while unloading groceries, a trip to help the inflation data, I get a text asking if I was home. I knew what it was about. I was hoping Hank was going to make his first visit. When Matt said he would be over in a few minutes I put Henry and Watson outside. They would definitely be really excited meeting Hank but I didn't want to have them accidentally hurt the pup. When I told Walter his friend was coming over, Walter stood and looked out the living room window until they arrived.

They acted like they were long lost brothers. Hank ID'd Walter without Walter making any kind of escape. Most the time Walter was more interested in see his friend Matt than the pup but they eventually started exploring each other a little more as time passed. 

You can see Walter jumping up on Matt. He had not seen him in a while so he was pretty excited his friend stopped by.

Hank decided it was time to head inside. I was too since the cool temps was starting to feel cold. Once they were inside they started exploring the living room. There was no growling from Walter. Before we knew it, they were playing, running, putting their paws on top of one another. Sorry I didn't get any video or photos of that, I just wanted to stand there and watch them play.

Only 12 weeks old yesterday, Hank is a very good puppy. Walter had a blast playing and was panting hard enough that he had to jump on the couch to get away from Hank. He needed a short timeout to catch his breath. It wasn't more than a minute or two when Walter jumped down on the floor taking off after Hank. I have a feeling they will be seeing each other in the future.

Watson was baying sometimes and when Henry saw the puppy outside in the side yard, he was wagging his tail but I want to wait until Hank is a little older before introducing him to the hounds. Matt has a 10 year old female English Bulldog at home but Walter and Hank played a lot more than his other did.

No worries. Between seeing Hank and the latest litter videos from Out West Bassets, it is great seeing the puppies but I have absolutely NO URGE to buy one. I have my hands full as it is.


  1. Replies
    1. They are quite the pair. Then, my vet posted a photo of a litter of 8 English Bulldogs someone brought in for check up. Still NO CHANCE that I change my mind about getting a 4th dog.

  2. Hank is down right adorable. So nice that he and Walter were able to get to know each other for the first visit one on one.

    1. When they walked up to each other it was like they had met before.

  3. Oh that little Hank is so adorable. The little admirer asked if he could have one of those little guys. OH BOY... I am so happy to read Walter has a playmate...

    1. Picking up a bulldog feels like picking up a basketball without enough air, and they are heavy. :)