July 27, 2014

Trailer Shopping Again

Well with temps up today in the "tropics", I have spent all day inside on the computer looking at trailers for sale. My breaks come from letting the hounds out at their request, after all I am their doorman. I've noticed one thing since a year ago, prices have gone up on used trailers, Class C's or older A's.

I've covered about every site that has something for sale, first locally and then any distance. It's interesting that for the past couple of months, the man that sold me the 2003 Coachmen as a 2004 has been trying to sell a very nice Gulfstream BT Cruiser. I've seen it online for a while now. Recently he has re-listed it on Craig's List in a different city and has lowered the price. Today he listed it on RVT for $4,000 more than the Craig's List shows, still lower than the original sales price.

Too bad about our history that almost turned ugly via email. It's a really good looking BT and even has a rear walk around bed.

I've been on a few forums also today, asking questions, discussing different options ... combined with catching all my sports news on twitter, and emailing a couple of friends back and forth. That is about all the muti-tasking I do anymore. It's all good.

There isn't the perfect rig to buy, never will be. I've discussed that here before with many of you. You just buy what you like, make some modifications as you go and sometimes close your eyes when you write the check.

Today of course after opening the eyes and hitting the first cup of strong coffee ... new ideas show up. I take most commenter's suggestions seriously because most of them have hands on experience in traveling with their different type rigs. So I consider those suggestions also. I have a friend that changes their mind as much as I do. We are thinking it's a commitment issue when it comes time to making a decision what to buy. Then once it's bought, we don't keep the rigs long.

Maybe that is what it is. Who knows.

Well other than that, it's been a pretty slow Sunday here in the country. Good breezes but not much to cut the humidity today. Cool enough though the keep the AC turned off and that is always a good thing when it's this late into the summer. I have a couple of shows on Sunday night that I like to watch, so I guess those will be the highlight of the day.

After those are over, I'll be back online looking at different rigs late into the early morning hours.

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