October 21, 2016

Hounds Survive Rain

Somewhere we lost a day this week. I have had a hard time believing today is already Friday.

There was a reason we didn't blog on Thursday. For most of the day we were shut inside with the surrounding area above the saturation point.

Each time I would step into the yard yesterday, water would come up around the edges of my shoes. Throw in the temperatures in the high 50s and it was a pretty easy decision to stay inside. It all started late Wednesday afternoon right after the hounds started home from visiting a friend.

About 15 miles from home it started raining at blinding speed and didn't stop. Later that night storms knocked out not only our internet signal for a short time but Directv was lost for about half of an inning in the Dodger/Cubs game.

Consequently Thursday didn't bring much action besides this. I guess the hounds didn't like feeling the water come up the sides of their paws. Heidi was not available for photos since her trips outside were an immediate right hand turn behind the yews and under the roof overhang each time she needed to go outside.

Today was a different story with sunshine trying to break through the overcast skies. Sadie and Stella were not outside long this morning before running to get back inside for their morning siestas.

Stella was still trying to wake up here this morning with her eyes closed.

It wasn't until a few hours after lunch, with hopes those extra hours would help dry the ground, that we had our first walk in two days.

With their fast start telling me the ground was okay to them ... we took off ... while water squished along the edges of my shoes with each step. The strange thing is, it gets wetter the higher the ground goes towards the back of the field.

There were plenty of deer scents to keep them interested but neither one stayed in one place for too long.

Stella follows a deer path in the thick brush.

Sadie continues to wait for me but I can tell she is anxious to keep moving on  ... she has places to go.

Then the normal nose exercises for each hound while Heidi stayed back inside with the temps barely crawling over 60°.

This is along the back edge of the field. Sadie is okay, but Stella tries to quietly sneak away into her 'no fly zone'.

Looking dismayed as usual, she returns to the house at the end of her walk.

With the overload of carbohydrates for lunch, it wasn't long before the hounds and I were down and out for an afternoon siesta for a few hours.

I will say the energy I felt with the Paleo Diet I followed for 16 months with meat, fish, chicken, eggs, fruits and veggies has disappeared with a large increase in carbohydrates, no meat, no fish, no poultry of any kind. It's been six weeks of a Vegan Diet and I am looking at making some adjustments.

We might see the World Series before November. It's one of my pet peeves when MLB runs too late in in the year. (Follow The Money) It will either be a good book, or a possible college football for tonight's entertainment.

In the meantime Sadie is letting me know we need to go for a 2nd walk to make up for the lost day yesterday. She has stood in the doorway staring at me the time I have taken to write and post this.

The fall temperatures are here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

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