October 26, 2016

My First Post By Invitation Only

Well it's been an interesting couple of days. If you are able to read this post, you know why I went private and 'by invite only'. Blogger has two different ways to do this ... I have added your email address to a list of approved readers. If you are reading this you already know that Blogger asked you to log in to read the blog.

I am not sure how that works for those that don't blog on blogger and if it matters where your email address is coming from. Let me know if this process causes you problems.

The other way, Blogger tells me I can add your email addresses to a list where you will send the blog to you by email when I post something new. For those that have already signed up to follow by subscription I am not sure if me going private will block your feeds that you have signed up for ... so just in case I will add your email to an email list.

Early in the evening yesterday, after I had gotten back and was sitting here trying to wrap my fingers around someone looking in my house, not invited, and a stranger ... I heard some big slow moving noises on the highway and was pretty sure it was the combines to harvest the soy beans across the highway.

I guessed right and closed all my windows to control the amount of dust that would blow up to my house ... it does because I can see how much on my cars.

I was too confused/pissed over the daily event to go out and take more pictures of their progress but they were loading trucks late into the night ... even for a field that small. By this morning everything was finished ... or I thought. They continued to fill up these trailers multiple times as they returned empty.

The hounds and I slept in late this morning. That means we get up at 8am no matter how late I am up, feed them breakfast and I go back to sleep while they are eating. They all sleep after their breakfast until I get up.

We were on our first walk around noon.

Stella stayed near Sadie and I ... it was different for her.

They really like that right corner of the field but today they picked up a strong scent and headed left.

Sadie has a very strong ability for tracking, better than Stella.

As we made the turn for home, they both take off trotting. They knew where they were going and what was there.

Whatever it is, it must be good.

Stella always looks disappointed when I tell her to "come on".

After lunch we head out for a short trip outside. I had just received a text from my old college friend, who was bringing his canoes to a lake close to my house. It was a chance to go canoeing.

Once again Heidi found one of her favorite spots. That pipe is a capped off water well from 1975. The have been on 'city' water every since. At least that is what I was told.

This is part of my overgrown yard and will be mowed over on Wednesday ... as will all the fallen leaves.

By 2:30 I was down at Lake Greenwood, somewhat of a private lake because it's on government property. Since the lake is closed for the season very little if any traffic and it's only a few to fish or people with a canoe.

A few years ago, this same friend brought up his small sailboat that we took out, but there wasn't enough wind to sail. Yet, it's great for canoeing and great to fish in.

We canoed way past that area to the left ... almost 3 hours total time on the water. A good workout and I'm sure I might feel it by tonight.

Since Ralph has been using a 35mm camera since I met him in 1975, I asked him about my recent photos ... that seemed out of focus to me. He immediately gave me the solution, so from this photo on ... my photos should be much better.

Neither one of use took cameras on the canoes with us, so when we came back and got my canoe out of the water (48lbs), he grabbed his camera to take some across the lake of in area we both agreed would be a great photo. It gave me a chance to try the new setting.

My photo sequence was with him all the way to the boat ramp, but I chose to only go this far.

The setting on my camera had been set to "auto area focus" instead of "single point". What I was getting was a lot of blurred photos of the hounds and a sharp clear photo of the grass they were walking or running on.

Like up above I wanted a clear photo of the combine but it was blurred while my leaves along the fence line were perfect.

A family across the water, where I took photos from in April or May 2015, were the only ones tent camping ... so after we left, that family had the whole lake to themselves as well as all the woods ... plus if you didn't have some sort of government, government contractor or military id card, you would not be able to get inside the huge area similar to a National Forest, let alone find the lake .. one way in, one way out.

I have other news ... quite surprising but something I had been working with off and on. I mentioned some part of it in recent posts. I'll include new photos and a story of how it all transpired in tomorrows post. It will shock most of you, but as usual a lot of analysis was done before the decision was made.

That is if my "invited readers" can see and read this blog.

Really, all is good here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana ... but a few things to think about and to keep an eye on. I've been here 19 years and have never seen anyone looking in my house.

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