October 16, 2016

Some Sunday Rambling

{Warning: Long and lots of photos}

Every day starts the same. The hounds are fed their breakfast somewhere between 7:30 - 8:30am. At times we may start our day then or later, depending on what I do.

Today ... it started really late. I guess that is what happens when you are watching college football at 2am eastern time. Both were great games and hard to turn off ... so I watched them to their finish. That added up to around 14 straight hours of college football ... flipping to check on other games when a commercial came on during the 'main' game.

During those 14 hours of college football viewing, the daily routine of the hounds does not change. They get their two meals per day, their two walks per day, their normal siestas in their different spots throughout the house.

All three of them go outside the very first thing in the morning. While they are outside I pour out their breakfast kibble. They never leave the yard when they know they are about to be fed food. Then while they are eating I am making my coffee.

After they finish eating, and as the coffee drips ... we head out for my first photos of the day. Some times they will wander the field but recently they don't do much but check out the area I cut just last week, explore the yard and then return to the house for a morning nap.

We took our first walk of the day after their lunch. Even with overcast skies, it felt warm ... like t-shirt warm. Checking when I got back, it was 75°. It is preparing us for three straight days in the 80's starting tomorrow, before the steep drop to 66° on Thursday.

Speaking of the warm fall weather, Ed answered my post about leaf color and why some years they are bright and other years they are dull. It explains what I was wondering about.

His info:

This may be what you are looking for: "A warm period during fall will also lower the intensity of autumn colors. A warm wet spring, favorable summer weather, and warm sunny fall days with cool nights should produce the most brilliant autumn colors."

While on the walk this morning I thought about not his answer but why does he have the inclination to look up something like that on the internet and I don't. He also answered my question a few weeks ago when I wondered why don't farmers here cut their corn shorter than they normally do, compared to other areas of the USA or Canada.

As long as I can remember, which is back to when I was approximately 5 years old ... rocks, leaves, bugs, exploring, etc ... didn't interest me. Sports did. I remember drawing up football and basketball plays on a piece of paper. I had a scrapbook of baseball and football cards ... but I never had a bug collection or leaf collection.

It's too bad I glued those baseball cards to scrapbook paper because some of those cards were worth thousands of dollars, if they didn't have that spot of 50 year old dried glue on the back of them.

Of coarse back in the 60's growing up, sports were not on tv 24/7 but you had the "game of the week" during baseball which was the New York Yankees every Saturday afternoon on CBS. While living in the Indianapolis television area, the weather man for the CBS channel in Indianapolis was someone by the name of Dave Letterman. Funny stuff, even if you didn't care about the weather.

As far as football games on Saturday, I can't remember seeing any more than one game per Saturday and Sunday's had one NFL game on each channel ... CBS and NBC. For me that included the Chicago Bears most of the time on CBS and the Cincinnati Bengals on NBC.

Later when something called the AFL started, some of those games could be watched on Saturday nights.

I guess I am getting off track here but what I am trying to say ... growing up, sports were what I was most interested in. Sixty years later it's still the same thing. I will go on Google to search for sports statistics or sports information but rarely will I go on Google to search for a name of a flower, a bird, or anything I don't have the answer for dealing in the subject of nature.

As far as driving, I've always enjoy 'road trips' but have never been able to stop and enjoy the scenery ... everything seemed to be drive straight through. Those 'road trips' included more than a few trips from San Diego to Indiana and some from Seattle to Indiana. Or the time I took "The Loneliest Highway in the USA" ... US Hwy 50 ... from Sacramento to Indiana. I still drove that non-stop ... stopping for only gas or a gas station to open so I could get gas ... drive thru's for food ... a couple of short 1 hour naps.

I commented at the time on this blog, I thought that might be the reason I enjoyed the driving as much if not more during our one week trip to Utah in June 2015.

I have a pretty long list of blogs I follow over on the left side of this blog. Some of those blogs moved back and forth, off and on that list ... so if there is a blog you use to read that is no longer listed and would like to see it again ... let me know the the name or what it was about and I'll add it back to the list.

As I read those blogs there are fantastic photos of places they are traveling ... I have found I have been to a lot of those places, although not RVing and in some cases I lived in places they blog about. I admit I have lived in some pretty amazing places and some of those are blogged about by other bloggers ... it's quit different compared to the lifestyle here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana with the hounds.

Iv'e looked back through this post and see that I have only talked about one thing I was planning to write about when I started to "ramble" ... and now can't remember what I was planning to write about ... lol ... typical for getting older.

I'll let this post sit here and simmer a little to see if my brain cells can go out and gather up what I was going to write about. I had other things I wanted to ramble about that would not include religion or politics.

Photos info ... all the photos up to this point were taken by my Nikon D3200 camera with the Tamron 18-200mm lens and none of them were edited, just straight photos with any flaws they may have.

Photos from this point forward were taken by my iPhone 6S. Their new photo program will let me edit them just like I do on my computer but I will keep the original photo format just to so we can compare.

Their football positions.

Hang on ... may memory is coming back!

Why do I have an interest in trading my FJ for another FJ, same year, maybe different options, just to change color to silver to match my silver Z4 ??? Crazy isn't it?

     Or it might be that sound I hear while driving that I cannot determine if it is a maintenance problem, tire noise or just my imagination.

If all my research on dog food over the years, visits to four different vets in 15 months for Heidi's skin issues and discussions with all of those vets about allergies that hounds have ... show there is only a 3% chance those allergies are caused by dog food instead of the environment ....

     Why don't I move to a different location instead of changing dog food to eliminate allergies Heidi has, Sadie licking her leg or Stella scratching where no fleas are present?

Will there ever be a way to get away from Directv or Dish Network's high prices and still see the same number of ballgames that I watch ... without "streaming" those games to my tv? Streaming movies or games is something I cannot do because of my monthly data limit on my home internet service.

     I'm sure there will be. I am getting teasers to try Sling TV to watch certain games but not all games. Apple TV keeps making improvements, does that use internet data? I'll have to check.

Will my location always keep me from the latest in technology ... or does that even matter?

     If there isn't a game on I want to watch or an occasional movie I want to see ... my tv is not turned on. Still, will I be 'squeezed' out by new television technology getting television signals in the future due to what services are available in my area?

Why do I have a 'check engine' light on my FJ dashboard and some other lights here in Indiana but those same lights disappeared while traveling in through Kansas, Colorado and Utah in June 2015?

     I've check that issue with Google searches, FJ forums and tried all of their suggestions to fix the issue. I even talked to the service manager at the Toyota dealership about it. The other day I saw something new .... the gasoline I am using may have too much ethanol in it. Once this tank of gas is used I am changing to a 'top tier' gas station and go back to 91-93 octane instead of 89 octane I've been using.

Deer Highway - Major Traffic

I still wonder at times what keeps Purina dog food in business after 85 years if their dog food is as bad as it is rated? Are all of those positive reviews online just fake?

     Is everything just over analyzed now days ... and I mean everything.

While holding the iPhone camera horizontal I found out if you press the volume adjustment button, the camera will take the photo.

Even with a different camera, Stella still likes to hang back and take the walk on her own pace.

She also still likes to try to sneak off in the neighbor's direction if I am not looking.

She also is not happy when I catch her trying to sneak off and decides it's best to follow Sadie and I home.

Interesting results using the iPhone on the 5pm walk. Depending on the light, the iPhone takes great photos, but I didn't see anything here that would make me want to replace my Nikon D3200 as my main camera.

The iPhone camera is a good camera to substitute for a smaller camera and taking photos inside.

One a final note ... as of today there are only 9 of 32 NFL teams with a winning record.

It's been a great weekend here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana (except for that Hoosiers loss against Nebraska)

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