March 15, 2018

Mostly Photos Few Words

Once again I am finding it to be a slight adjustment to the change to Daylight Savings Time. I try to feed the hounds the same time twice per day meaning there is a difference in the actual time on the clock but the same period year round ... if that makes sense. Yet, our walks are later and that drives Sadie to the point of insanity waiting for me to get outside.

The mystery of my photos on this blog continues. I have a reader that cannot see my photos due to the file size evidently, after I did a test on yesterday's post. Yet he can view another blog that makes the same html image size adjustment that I was doing. This morning I thought it might be the settings that are used when I export the photos from my computer to Blogger.

So this morning I exported the same photo four different settings to my private blog, where I could study each one of them. On this post I am going to have a couple of photos with a different export setting to see if this reader has problems with seeing them.

Does anyone else have a problem seeing the blog photos?

I am blogging for the third day in a row and find myself with very little to say ... it was just one reason I stopped blogging everyday these past weeks. So I think I'll let the photos roll on the rest of the blog without any commentary.

No sign of Stella ... anywhere.

A few steps later I see her over by the corner of the woods to the left.

At least it's warmer ... LOL

Another beautiful morning here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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