October 13, 2018

Hounds Have A Lazy Saturday

Waking up to 37° was a little different than the normal Saturday routine. It didn't take Heidi long to decided all she was going to do was eat breakfast and go right back to bed until lunch. Her theory is nothing good happens below 65°. While she was in a deep sleep, Stella and I took off for our morning walk. It was cold. It made me think we might skip fall just like we skipped spring and move right into winter.

By the time I reached the yard, Stella was already out in the field eating her wet grass and waiting for me to catch up.

Her nose was in overdrive today on this walk. A few times I thought she was going to take off on me just from what strong scents she had picked up.

After looking more at my photos the past few days, I put the Canon Powershot SX530 back in it's box, grabbed my receipt and turned it in for a refund last night. Some times people say it's a want more than a need but in my case it wasn't even a want. I figured out the Nikon D3200 took better photos and my iPhone 8+ camera does a great job for indoors and closeups.

I could see some fresh single paths worn down since yesterday. That means a lot of deer traffic while we slept. They would lead into the woods. This is one time I thought I'd be running into the woods after Stella as she kept moving deeper and deeper into the woods.

She came back to the path without much convincing.

I never see her ears perk up like this so I knew she was seriously observing or smelling something that was really close. If it were deer she would have been gone by now, so maybe a dog, a cow or something else in that field in front of her.

I saw this through my zoom lens and was positive she was jumping the fence and taking off.

Once again she turned and walked back to the path without any convincing from me.

She showed signs of wanting to play when she got back. She really only wanted to trot to the house ... she was finished for this morning.

The hounds spent the rest of the day sleeping under warm blankets right out of the clothes dryer. I watched multiple football games at once on my split screens. I stuck to good food for snacks and stayed away from sodas ... that's the hard part, watching ballgames and not have all the junk food to eat.

It's a little colder than I like but still a nice day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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