June 12, 2013

Are You Crazy????

Well, it's only been 4 full days, only 96 hours, since the for sale sign was put in the yard....and in that short time I have received a lot of email, some from people I know and some I don't know but each group has an opinion .... and many think I am crazy!!!!

For those readers that have already gone through this process, I assume this post will be old news, reminders of what you went through.

A large percentage of readers feel that I should keep the house until I spend time on the road with a truck/trailer/dogs etc.  Some would like to buy the house but only if they could move it to their current location, which is usually outside the state of Indiana. Other's say "go for it", good luck, why?, are you really going to do this? or that's a nice house ..you should keep it.

I have had some interest in the house locally. One couple stopped to look along with their daughter, whom is in the market to buy a house. A couple of others may stop by this weekend, while tonight I had someone at work that planned on stopping by but didn't. Such is life in house selling.

My house prepping is moving at a slower pace than I had planned. I am getting things done but those short breaks in front of the computer, answering emails, reading blogs and looking at trailers almost stops my momentum. I've procrastinated in almost everything I have done for as long as I can remember.  Am I lazy?  Will this attitude hurt me on the road?

At work I am totally opposite. I hate to be behind, love being on time with paperwork and very little procrastination is taking place with me at work.  Don't confuse that thought with me liking my job...I can't say I do.

I live here. At times it's a "man cave". I think it will be hard for me to keep it immaculate, "spotless" for possible viewers.  As I go through my list of things to do, I see more and more stuff I have to get rid of. I wonder when to put my car and old truck up for sale, or the Hummer?  I wonder if I will find what I want before I sell this house? I value privacy ... how will I react to having complete strangers walking through my house??

I believe you all get the picture.  No word verification anymore....comment away!!

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