June 16, 2013

Teardrops and Casitas

The title and this post I think you will find a little humorous, makes me wonder where my mind is.

Occasionally I have seen and looked at Teardrop Trailers, thought they were almost an option if I were completely solo. Today I was reading The Blonde Coyote blog, about her living in a Teardrop Trailer full-time with 2 pretty good size dogs. No bathroom, no fridge, little storage yet light enough to be towed by a SUV.

Here is the humorous part of this post ... As I was reading her stories I was beginning to feel that I too, could travel full-time with 3 dogs, and a Teardrop Trailer towed by my Hummer. For a short time I even imagined I could handle no refrigeration and no bathroom facilities!!!  How crazy is that??  It was just a little over 8 days ago where I posted that the Casita Trailer was way too small for me an my hounds to travel full-time!! LMAO!

Yet, the Casita Trailer is like a condo compared to a Teardrop Trailer!  It has more room, a fridge and a bathroom and under my 4,500lb tow limit. Still after walking around inside the Casita 9 days ago, I knew there was not a way I could full-time in that with my 3 hounds.

Where is my mind at???? When today I thought for a short time, I too could be like The Blonde Coyote and travel in a Teardrop Trailer with 2 dogs.

I still feel the best combo for me is a truck/trailer and even this past week that has been narrowed down to a Ford F150 4x4 and either a Bigfoot or Nash Trailer.  I have a truck picked out but the dealer is about 70 miles away from me and it will be Monday before I can get in touch with them.

So that is the humor for the day ... Me, 3 dogs and a Teardrop trailer full-time.

Now, back to my frustrating puzzle of a new $96 36V Lithium Battery, a charger sent from Black and Decker ... it doesn't charge. The red light blinks continuously.

I relate that frustrating battery lesson to a potential future traveling problem where I am sitting out in no-mans land trying to figure out a fix and spending most of the day doing it.

Any recommendations for medical help or medication is encouraged.  (that is a joke for those that don't pick up on my sense of humor)

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