June 22, 2013

Saturday at Camping World In Indianapolis

I didn't go to Camping World to buy, but to look. They have the largest selection of different RV's and trailers in my area.  I was once again able to travel through their lot without a salesperson with me. I was able sit inside of the ones of interest, think while I sat there, inspect their conditions and think some more.

I am not sure what is going on but I have never seen their lot as full as it was today. Not only for the rigs for sale but the lots for storage and the lot for people staying that are getting maintenance or problems fixed....not sure which. There were a lot of rigs parked in an area that I thought was for storage instead of repair.

I was there to look at a couple of trailers I had seen online, that could be pulled by my Hummer. Since I had sat in a Casita a few weeks ago, I could sit in these Starcraft Trailers and compare them to the Casita. Gary Ramsey has a Starcraft AR-ONE 17RD that he likes a lot.

I also wanted to check out their Class C's again, thinking about towing my Mini Cooper or my Hummer.

The two trailers were the Starcraft AR-One 14RB and 15RB. I believe both of those could work and seemed to have more room than the Casita. Sure, the hounds, but I could see where they would be if we were stuck inside during bad weather or after dark. Most of the days will be spent outside, them and me. Yes, I agree those trailers would be small, but a lot of couples fulltime in Casita's and love it. I could see myself being able to use those trailers and carry most of my supplies inside and outside my Hummer.

Over the past 20 months I have visited Campy World and Colerain in Indy 5-6 times. After all those visits there is ONE rig that I always like and feel good when I sit inside thinking if that is the one, if I will have enough room for me and dogs, can I drive this on BLM land.....and the ONE consistent rig that I always like is the: ....Gulfstream BT Cruiser with a slideout and a queen size bed in back.

I don't know why, but that exact rig has always been the one I have liked, even over the Class A's.

Now could the E-450 set up tow a 4x4 .... salesperson says yes it can.

I see Wheeling It putting their 40'er in places I would like to go, so a 28' BT Cruiser would be able to do the same and I would have more room than I would in the trailers that I am looking at.

The house is back off the market.  Once again I am trying NOT to make this an all or nothing situation.  Fulltiming might turn into part-timing, at least 8-9 mos out of the year and 3-4 months at home but that could change after I am traveling.

The majority of friends and people that email me agree that is the way to go, even those that have traveled for a lot of years.

That's all for tonight.

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