June 17, 2013

House Back on the Market !!!!

You are going to think I have lost my mind!!!

Basically I have to make changes, I don't want to keep living safe like this when I would rather be living back in the western USA. The more I think about it, I go back to my original train of thought in October 2011. Sell the house and everything I own and hit the road. If/when I settle down again it will be out west somewhere, not in the same western places I spent 20 years living but in the west somewhere. I will find that place during my travels.

The sign is back in the front yard. The blog is back online http://leavingbloomfield.blogspot.com and by late tonight I will have listed my car, and the house on Craig's list, with a link to the blog for more pictures and description.  There are more pictures at the end of this post.

What about the "backup plan" or the "need to have a base camp" thoughts in past posts. Well if I decide I don't care for the traveling or need to get back to a 'sticks n bricks' then I'll find something out west, possibly some land and put up one of those new 'tiny homes' on it,  or buy land and build a home around 800 sq ft, or a small town with a small home that I can work on while I live there.

Endless possibilities!!

In the meantime I could be up camping right now in the Dakotas, Montana, PacificNorthWest at higher elevation to keep cool, then head for Arizona, or New Mexico, eastern Calif for the winter...just like I have been dreaming of the past 20 months.

Ballgames???  I have a DirecTv account where I can watch a game on any device (iMac, iPad, iPhone) as long as I get an internet connection and if not, it will not be the first time I have missed ballgames...not really a big deal. I was wondering this weekend, is the reason I watch so many games on tv is because of boredom?

Today I could picture hiking or mountain biking trails off the grid, dogs off a leash and spending most of the day outside. I could get use to that type of day real easy.

I also sold my '94 Chevy Truck today to a manager at work. He commutes by my house daily to work and noticed and laughed about "one day your house is for sale, two days later it isn't"...I see "my" truck is still up on the hill waiting for me to buy it....well I'm ready to buy it.

My Mini Cooper will be on Craig's List tonight and Cars dot com. That will leave me with trading the H3 Hummer in for a 4x4 Truck that can tow more than 7,000 lbs. Some of my friends are still pushing me to get a diesel truck and a 5'er.  I am thinking a Ford F-150 4x4, towing a Bigfoot or a Nash Trailer.

Exciting times!!  Stay Tuned!!

I swear, I only have one personality.  LOL

NOT Part of Sale - Property Behind House

Early Morning From The Front Corner Of The House

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