June 10, 2013

Travel Trailer it Is

Thinking of vehicle options this weekend, talked to a couple of friends, one of those that full-timed in a Class A for a few years. He is going back on the road by next year and plans on going smaller. He gave me some of the pros and cons to a Class A and Class C with a toad. I told him I had been leaning toward a Truck 4x4 and towing a trailer and would trade in my H3 Hummer for that truck.

He made a good point about the trade that I had not thought of. Everyday wear and tear camping with dogs and an H3 compared to a pickup truck. The H3 is a 4x4, that can go anywhere but has plush leather seats and interior. Plus storing gear inside and out, along with dogs riding in the back seats with the seat part pulled forward (H3 way) and their foam padding and blankets, with the seat backs up to divide dogs/storage would show more wear than normal than it would in a truck. Also a full size truck bed and would store more.

More than a few people like that combination, some of those people on the road full-time.

So, another decision is made ... trade the H3 in for a Pickup 4x4, camper shell and a full-size truck bed. I am currently looking at trucks locally and on cars dot com. For trailers I am looking at Bigfoot, Northwood Nash, Starcraft AR-One, Jayco, Lance and any refurbished Airstream.

I will be continuing my prepping on the house interior, things I do twice per year anyway but will make the house ready for walk-thru's.  After the house prep is finished, I'll be listing things for sale on eBay and Craig's list.

Truck recommendations??

Trailer recommendation??

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