September 26, 2013

Even Where the RV Sits My Options Increase

I was telling a friend today, this past week I have been having thoughts that I had in October 2011 after reading Glenn's story on Yahoo Business page. Of course if I were paying what he was in rent in the Los Angles area I may have had the same thoughts that Glenn had when he started his downsizing.

With the RV sitting here next to the house, it opens up a lot of options and one option that I had not thought about until my friend that is a fulltime traveler, blogger on the side bar and a reader of my blog, brought up a new option. Load the RV as if you were getting ready to leave, then if you are serious about selling your house again, it is empty, move in ready while I live in my RV right outside using house power and house water (if desired).

While driving home from work (no traffic jams), I was thinking also....I had always wondered if I did get rid of everything except what I was wanting to travel with, would that put me on the road without just "trying it".....just going for it full speed ahead. Like a follower has told me more than a few times in his comments ... if it doesn't work out, you can always go back and start over with what you have left.

It also hit me last Sunday afternoon when I returned home from the hounds's shakedown cruise and I am up on the roof cleaning out the gutters as well as seeing some missing shingles from the last high wind/thunderstorm. I remembered how many times in a year I do this exact same thing, clean gutters and repair the roof from high wind storms. During my walk around house inspection I could see things I need to do to the house in preparation for the winter. I realized once again that I am tired of normal house maintenance and yard work.

My spreadsheet analysis even shows that selling out and fulltime to be the best option. That is even a better option than retiring, keeping the house and not RVing.

Could the answer be that obvious?

I have discussed this many times on whether to sell everything or not via emails, blog comments, phone calls, etc. I know that the right decision is what works for me.

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