September 24, 2013

Some Backyard Training

With a job I have to put up with until May 2014, I am not able to do much camping during the week, still that doesn't stop the training for the hounds and I. I have not taken any pictures of the hounds while we are in the Class C at night because I need the flash to do that and they will wake up from their deep sleeps, in some cases snoring occurs.

I know it's only been not quite four days since the purchase but I really think I can say by their response and actions of the three hounds .... they love this RV. If they hear the keys, as they go out the house door all three of them head for the coach door wagging their tails waiting for it to open.

Sadie the bloodhound takes her seat on the couch, Heidi under the table on her blanket and Winston the oldest basset on the blanket in front of the refrigerator.  Tonight though I caught him sleeping in the driver's seat. I guess he figured if I wasn't going to drive, he was.

Daily after work I try to spend as much time as I can looking at as much as I can to learn everything about this rig. I am learning more and more each day. (remember I'm a rv rookie) Then we sleep with the windows open, mid 40's by the time I get up to start the day of work... all is good. The hounds have adapted very quick to the change in sleeping location and still know when it's a day of work for me. After more number crunching, the best time for me to leave will be May 2014. I would love to leave earlier but everything seems to be falling into place for a May 2014 departure, could be a couple of months earlier. Those months will fly by, I still have more things on my downsizing list to take care of before I leave.

Some blurring nighttime photos ... I didn't realize my hands moved that much trying to hold the camera still.

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