September 02, 2013

Is This All There Is? Really?

It's almost 10pm local time and I have completed 3 days off in temps of 90s and a lot...a lot of humidity. So it was a lot of computer time and college football time which started Thursday night with the local university's first game. Strange but I didn't go, and only 25 miles away. I use to never miss a home game and even traveled for some away games. That's a whole different story I will not go into here.

Still, these 3 days off just like all of my other long weekends (3 days) prove to me, if I were to retire and stay here I would be one very very bored individual.  Thus, my blog post title - "Is This All There Is? Really?"

I need more than bored, especially once retired and I wake up every morning with no schedule. Nice. So let's move on.

Official retirement day is May 2014.  But (never start a sentence with but), I have been thinking as always, my mind never slows down, even when sleeping. I did some "what if's" on the finances and assets and I believe I have found a way to leave much sooner and have enough to live on that would carry me to more income in May 2014.

So that is what I have been spending most of my weekend doing. Of course I have some new ideas, some familiar and should have something to report more definite in the coming week. A few things "in work" right now....all with the same goal.

Get out alive as soon as possible.  LOL

Just like some of the current athlete's when they are being recruited for college or the pros becoming free agents......I have reopened my decision processes on which trailer!!!  LOL

I know you will love reading that. Yet, all of my email informants tend to agree with my current plans and searches.

I'll keep you posted as soon as I hear something but I hope to have a pretty firm plan this week around my week full of meetings at work....nothing but meetings and Power Point slides....are those slides recyclable?

It's all good ... really.

Clues are everywhere.

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