September 29, 2013

Oil Leak Update - No News

The day started with rain and it has rain lightly all day. I didn't feel like working outside even under the RV to figure out the oil leak problem in today's weather, but a couple of comments, a few emails and a couple of phone calls led to some pretty good advice. I will start tomorrow after work while it's sunny and dryer than today.

One consistent thing said by all that replied, email or called .... they did not think it was anything serious. If fact it might not be oil at all...possibly power steering fluid from the connectors that connect the hard line to the black hose. I did not know from the pictures those were lines to the power steering.

Yesterday when I saw the leak, I went immediately to check the fluid levels of oil, power steering fluid and brake fluid .... all were at normal levels, so nothing on the dipsticks showed I was losing a massive amount of fluid.

Tomorrow I will get home late afternoon and clean up all the sprayed fluid residue and anywhere else that is not dry. Then I will put some cardboard underneath this area to see what drips for the next 24 hours. If there are no drips on Tuesday afternoon, I'll take a short 20 mile round trip and then look again and check the same area for any leaks or blown residue.

Once that last check is done on Tuesday afternoon, I'll go from there.

The seller did call me today and said he had not seen any kind of leaks like that, the 7 months he owned it. He did say the only trip they made was a 800 mile trip to Mississippi and back to Indiana about a month ago. So, one trip in 7 months, that's a lot of time being parked. Maybe it's just a seal that need to be reseated after being driven?

Probably nothing more than just coincidence I had a leak right after I bought it. I don't believe the seller was trying to hide anything in the transaction. I did not notice anything the night I test drove it and I didn't notice any leaks on his drive where it was parked.

So it sounds like a minor problem and should be an easy fix.

I deleted my post about my old blog url being back in use. From that post I received over 2,300 views and most of those were spam emails from anonymous senders. Since the number of views has increased today after I had changed my comment settings, I decided I would delete the post for good.

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