September 04, 2013

My First Trailer ... 2012 Lil Snoozy LS3

Editor's Note: I ended up not buying this trailer, only because I changed my mind about towing a trailer with my dogs in the vehicle. See post about the 584 mile trip for the reasons why.

I hadn't thought anymore about this trailer, the Lil Snoozy LS3, after I looked and read about it over a year ago.  Thought it could work but didn't pay a lot of attention to the dimensions or anything because it was an all electric trailer. No I moved on even though last year it looked bigger than the Casita's trailers.

So the past few weeks I have been looking at other trailers, back and forth on the Starcraft, even made sure I didn't want a Class C. Sometime over the weekend a friend that full times and was in the process of buying a trailer after selling hers, emails me about a 2012 LiL Snoozy that she likes. I started thinking, this lady has been full-timing with dogs and cats for a lot of years in all kinds of trailers, different trucks and she is considering the LiL Snoozy as a full-time trailer???

I went back to their site, looked more, paid attending to the exterior and interior measurements. There were a few things I liked about it last year and those features were still attractive this year. Once my friend told me she was going to buy something else but thought this would be a great trailer for what I was looking for and what I was wanting to do .... Knowing how many years experience she had living on the road, I spent the rest of the time researching, looking at pictures again and reading forums to find out any kind of information I could. I wanted to see all the good and bad things about this trailer. I could only find 1 used LiL Snoozy trailer for sale all over the internet and this was trailer was the one.

So, we are to the point of dotting the I's and crossing the T's. It is located 584 miles from me, so I plan on loading the hounds into the H3 sometime this weekend or early next week, drive down and pick it up and then spend some days traveling the back roads through Missouri and Kentucky on my way home to Indiana. It should be a good "shake down cruise" for the hounds and I.

Am I "hearing" SHOCK and AWE from the crowd?  Surely not ... not after everything you have read here in the past ... LOL

Was it this past March I was within a day of test driving a 32' Class A and buying from a local family but they were in Florida for spring break, holding the test drive back a day?? The the Starcraft AR-ONE 17RD was declared the winner twice, but on two different occasions I had changed my mine, once with the check in hand.

So you have to be asking yourself why this trailer instead of the Starcraft AR-ONE 17RD.

1.  Same size bed
2.  A COUCH !!!!
3.  If needed a TV already mounted for travel sitting across from the couch.
4. Aisle is wider
5. 3" taller inside
6. 2'5" shorter inside
7. Plenty of room to mount solar panel(s)
8. A lot bigger Fresh Water  and Gray tanks
9. A floor plan that I love (hounds will have plenty of room)
10. Can be towed by the H3
11. Good storage
12. It's different and cool looking

I do not need a trailer big enough that I can do the same things in the trailer that I do in my house!! I've never wanted that. If I need to stretch my legs I will do what I do here at home, tell the hounds "lets go outside" and walk around. I decided a long time ago in this process that I wanted something small that I could get to places off the grid, unhook the H3 and still go scouting in a 4x4. I the "entertainment center" will be good for those days/nights your are stuck inside with storms outside. I will not miss propane, I have other ideas for a heater, stove etc.

So here are some photos of the new purchase and yes I will be taking pictures on pick-up day and the return trip.

I believe I have looked at every possible option over these past 22 months before I finally came to a conclusion that I like and one that will work for what I want to do.

I have already sold a lot of my possessions, the buyers agreed take ownership on some of the stuff when I leave.  I have talked to the real estate agent and will place my house for sale when I leave so she can show the house empty and move in ready. I am selling my Chevy truck and my Mini Cooper. As soon as the Mini Cooper sells, I will be giving my 2 week notice at work and hope to hit the road before mid-October.

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