April 21, 2014

My Sanity Has Returned

I wrote this post earlier this afternoon but tonight my enthusiasm is still with the Truck Camper  :)

As much as I would love to do it, once again the hounds play a factor in my decision making process. The truck camper is no longer an option. The tape on the floor following the floor plan of the favorite 4-season camper, shows that it cannot be a option for full-time travel and hounds ... even if they chose to travel alone.

My narrowed choices today are travel trailers and using my truck bed as storage, etc. The truck will have a lid installed before I leave. Since I plan on spending more time boondocking than campgrounds, I need a trailer that is well built. In most cases from the pictures I have looked at over and over and over these past two years, the 4-season trailer seems to rise to the top. If it were just me, I might go a different direction. Even though my hounds are not destructive, having a trailer as our domicile all the time, a trailer that is built well is a priority.

The list of three are:
1.  Bigfoot Trailers
2.  Northwood Nash
3.  Northwood Arctic Fox

A couple of the bloggers I follow both travel full-time in two of those trailers and have written of their experiences and how the trailer has performed. The Bigfoot trailers seems to sit a little low to the ground, not enough clearance to go down a two track road. So that brings me to two to choose from. Length will be no more than 24'. A lot of these two trailers seem to fall in the 22' range more than 24'. Some of the longer models I do not care for due to the bed being in the rear corner. I just sold a Class C with a rear corner bed.

So the search continues but at least my options have narrowed a lot ... I might be able to get something productive done now.

For those with any experience in trailers other than those listed, I would love to hear your comments and experiences with the brand of trailer you had. I don't have plans to camp in the snow or the mid summer heat of the desert ... I can stay home and do that. I hope to stay one step ahead of bad weather, just like everyone else but I do realize there are times you cannot beat mother nature. Plus, the 4-season trailers I have looked at seem to be built with better quality.

Mowing the yard was my main activity today. It wasn't any more fun than I had last year. It's a pain more than enjoyment. I continue to downsize possessions.

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