April 29, 2014

The Search Continues but Down to Two Specific Manufacturers

After much thinking and having discussions with a few full-time travelers and others that have/had truck campers ... I have ruled out the truck camper as a full-time option. I would love to travel that way, I would love to think I would spend ALL of my daylight hours outside along with the hounds and I would love to think we would have enough room when the bad weather hits ... but as someone told me that is full-time traveling in a trailer, you have to be able to separate what you want vs what you need. In my lifetime those two have never matched. So it's something I have to be aware of while continuing my search.

I feel the only option that I will be happy with ... with be a trailer between 18'-24', high clearance for traveling down a two track road if needed, and a big back window.  I know that last requirement might be a little different but it makes a world of difference to me after the trailers I have looked at and sat in and those trailers not having enough windows.

A couple of manufacturers come to mind and are at the top of my list.

After my return trip from Camping World in Indianapolis last Friday I knew there was nothing there as far as new, used, or by brand name that I liked ... nada. It didn't matter if it was a 5th wheel or a travel trailer. That was one very important realization because now I had cut out a lot of possibilities when looking online in the future. The only trailer that I stepped into last week that was made with good quality materials was the Sunny Brook trailer I looked at last week, down at a small dealership 50 miles SE of me at Monroe City RV. It was a 'new' 2012 but while sitting on the lot for two years it had floor damage under the couch, water leaking in the slide out area. They were in the process of repairing the damage. They were also adding some repairs that they thought would prevent the damage from happening again.

I spent time since my last post, looking at forums, talking to people, gaining more information on what would be possible with me and three hounds traveling at least six months out of the year if not nine months. All of us knew no one that full-timed in a truck camper. Most of us agreed on the length of trailer I needed and most of us disagreed on whether a slide-out was good or bad. All of us agreed that trailer ground clearance was important. All of us agreed that I should keep my house until I had experience traveling, even if I were to spend only three months out of the year at the house.

Another reason I chose to move away from the truck camper option, was the use of my truck bed as storage. Otherwise I may have had to tow a small trailer with the truck camper for additional equipment/storage. Yes, the pictures of truck campers being tucked away off the grid, or traveling down 4x4 roads, with beautiful views were very magnetic. I wanted all that but knew long term it was not a valid possibility.

Northwood Nash and Arctic Fox are the two trailers that I am focussing on.

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