August 13, 2014

I Felt Good Enough To Get Outside

This is the second post of the day so I must be feeling better ... lol. Last night I heard the local weather man say "today could be labeled the best day of the summer", weather, activities etc. I was sorry I missed the great weather the past three days so I was feeling good enough today to take the hounds out for "the walk". I was wanting to get out and do something.

Of course Heidi the "queen of the couch" and a total sleep monster has to be urged over and over to come outside for the walk. Once she gets outside, she is the leader of the walk and always has to be in front, she loves 'the walk'. Sadie is reading to go outside anytime 24/7. Even when I was sick these past few days and would be up at 3am or 4am because I couldn't sleep, she would want to go outside. Out we would go. It's great outside that time of night, especially on a full moon.

Winston always wants to go, so after a few days of unexpected rest for his back, he was barking and trotting outside, if it's possible that basset hounds can trot.

It was so nice I actually checked the weather on my iPhone just to confirm what I was feeling ... 76° and 48% humidity. That is just unbelievable August weather for the 'tropics' of southern Indiana. We are usually yelling "uncle, I'll do anything you want just turn the temps down a little" this time of year.

After the dog walk I could tell the yard needed mowing, even though I did that just 4 days ago. So I did the normal routine of pulling out the stuff in the small shed just to be able to pull the mower out. Even in the great weather, after about two laps around the yard ... it hit me.

I don't want to do this. I don't want to be here. I'm tired of doing this stuff over and over. Look at that over there ... things I need to do like every week. Glancing around the house as I mowed the mental list of things to do kept growing ... like a nightmare. I'm not talking repair type stuff, just the normal stuff that comes with home ownership. A few more laps around the yard and I start thinking how long that list could be next spring after being gone for 6 months. I can feel myself turning into an unhappy mower.

I wasn't happy, mumbling to myself (comical) but still mowing. By the time I had finished the backyard I was ready to sell everything i own again and hit the road. I wanted nothing to do with owning a house. The side yard, the pace continued, thoughts are flying. By the time I hit the front yard ... I'm out of here. Mentally that is.

I'm ready to sell sell sell ... but I keep mowing. I keep thinking I'm tired of all of it and I need to get out of here otherwise it's the same routine over and over and over. So I finish the yard, turn the mower off and start to push the small 22" mower up my 100' drive. Instantly I feel how out of shape I'm in. I'm sucking air like a bike rider off the back of the pack. Sweating more than I should. While thinking, "I wonder how I'll feel doing this when I am 5-10 years older?"  I didn't like the answer to that question. Nor did I enjoy the short 50 minutes of mowing a fairly easy yard to mow.

So here I sit at 9:43pm Eastern time, I just took a couple of ibuprofen tablets to help my recovery of mowing and finishing the last of my fresh squeezed Minute Maid orange juice. I'm in the mode of getting out of here. The strangest thing of all though, is not my ranting to myself while I mow (that's hilarious) but since the sickness is over my sinuses are clear and no sign of allergy unrest. Allergies are something I have lived with daily and for some reason they have vanished. Maybe I need more treatments with that Neti Pot process to keep my sinus passages clear?

I've had a couple of trailers eyed out for the past month. Basically one of those "if I were to buy something this is what I would buy" but sliding it off to the side until departure time. Well, after my self-ranting while mowing the yard, I am going to put a little more serious effort in closing the deal on one of those trailers. I'm also going to get some things listed on Craig's List and eBay to sell. I'm going to make another large run to Goodwill. I was even thinking of a "garage sale", empty the house and leave in a westerly direction and a realtor for sale sign in my yard.

Long time readers, followers have heard all of this before. It's a part of the roller coaster ride but I have always thought it would only take one thing to shove me off the edge ... when the "fun meter" is broke, I've always made changes. That was for jobs, location changes, and my trading/selling my automobiles.

So we will see.

Yet, I am thrilled that I am feeling better and it was another beautiful day in the 'tropics' of southern Indiana.

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