August 02, 2014

The Daily Dog Walk

I initially took my iPhone in hopes of getting photos of the fawn or deer today on our walk. Neither showed up, so I took photos of the daily walk we do. We do this in snow but usually call it off due to rain or wet grounds.

Normally I will have Sadie on a 25' retractable leash, Heidi gets to run free and Winston is a little different. Once he gets to the edge of the backyard without a leash or collar attached, he will refuse to go on the walk. He will sit there as we walk away, then I will hear him barking in the distance. Eventually he will take off without a leash or collar but will be only a 1/4 of the way by the time we get back.

So to combat that act of stubbornness that comes with the hound breed, I will slide a collar on Winston with an act of hooking him to the leash. That's good enough for him and he takes off to join the others on our walk.

Today just as we were getting ready to leave I heard the local microlight flying. It's the first time I have seen him this summer. Normally he will fly over the field we walk in but today it made a reverse turn as he approached the house. By the time I had ran in the house to get my iPhone, he was leaving. You can barely see him in the center of the photograph.

Motorized Glider straight ahead
Sadie is ready to get on with it
It's good to get back into the field of smells

The daily tracking pose 

It's Winston's distractions that make his walks slow and long

Starting the walk as Winston drops off the back.

It was at this corner we saw the fawn last week

The owner of the field has mowed a path for his grandson's ATV

Both Bassets Dropping Back Further Behind

Do We Have to Wait on Those Bassets?

Both Bassets Like to Sniff as They Go

Winston is Right on Schedule ... Hold on a 'Sec

Winston's Pace Includes Time to Sniff

Wait!!  I'm Almost Caught Up

Heidi is The Leader on the Way Home

Starting the Return Trip Home

Ah .. Something else to check out along the way

Close to the end ... where are those crazy basset hounds?
Close to the End of the Walk

The end

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