June 24, 2015

Some Beautiful Days Between Storms

I'm not sure how long it will last but I have to admit we have had a couple of beautiful days in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana since the storms this past weekend. Of course rain is in the forecast for the next few days, it might blow over and never show up, so we will see.

It won't matter to the hounds ... they sleep most of the day anyway rain or shine.

It's only been three days this week but it's been pretty productive so far. The problem is, all the things I've done, all but one, were not on my house "to do" list. I washed the Mini Cooper, mowed the lawn, washed the hounds last Sunday and even did a little house cleaning. All normal stuff.

Yet all of that is not listed on the "to do" list.

I did get the carpet shampooed yesterday and that was on the list ... so at least after marking through that as completed it looks like I've started to get something done. I have big plans for the rest of the week that should knock of more of the listed things.

I've been having a problem with my Nikon D3200 auto focusing. Maybe some of you photographers and readers can look at the following photos tonight as well as some I've posted this past week and let me know by commenting or email me if the photos don't look clear and sharp.

It started last week when I noticed my photos were blurry or were not nearly as sharp as I remembered when I bought the camera this past year. Could it be my eyes? Almost all of Monday, the camera would not auto focus. If I held the shutter button down half way, I heard a clicking sound. Even though the battery showed a 1/3 to go before the battery was drained, I went ahead and recharged the battery ... the camera started working with auto focus and auto flash after that battery was charged.

I read the Nikon forums after searching on Google for my problem. A lot of Nikon users were having the same problem and recently. I read the owners manual and checked all the settings both on the camera and my two lenses. I tried both of my lenses with the same results. I inspected the inside of the camera, the lens contacts ... all were good.

Anyway I'll post some different photos tonight and let me know what you see.

Monday June 22

I've been noticing Heidi losing what I think is a lot of weight recently, such as since April. Way too thin in my book. So we took a trip to the vet Monday afternoon for him to inspect her and find out what might be going on. She has been fighting allergies since last October.

Records show she has lost 13 lbs since last September and 7 of those 13 were lost since March. Her appetite is always great, normal activity, she barks and plays plus she has been going outside more just to enjoy the day. Nothing seemed wrong on the trip to Utah. All her activities were normal while traveling.

So my vet did some pretty hard squeezing of her stomach and intestinal area. He found nothing nor did Heidi yelp in any pain while he did that. She did start wagging her tail when he finished.

Now you have to remember this vet I use is not one to take off on a lot of medications or testing that drain your pocketbook. In fact he is just the opposite and will always suggest the cheaper option. In this case he told me to go to the local drug store (CVS) and by the generic brand of Peptin AC ... indigestion???  For a hound that now weighs 36 lbs he told me to give her 20mg twice per day.

He thought about adding pumpkin to her diet but wanted to hold off until I saw that this did or did not work. If the Peptin AC doesn't firm her stools up, then we move to the canned pumpkin option. He said blood tests would be a last option if I was still having problems.

Now the last time he saw Heidi was in March while she was still fighting the battle of the major skin rash. In March she looked sore, probably was and all of her paws and hind legs were raw when he prescribed different meds.

She has been off meds now since April. He and I thought her rebuilt skin was looking very good and in fact has hair growing back where he said it might not return. So that was a good thing to hear since she has had a rough 9 months with skin allergies.

Sadie was the only one that wanted to come outside for the photo op tonight. Of course she likes to go outside anytime I say the word .. in any kind of weather. Still she will whine, not bark, to get back inside because she is a true house dog at heart.

I'm guessing the hay field behind my house will be cut any day now. I was going to take some photos of the flowers in bloom this morning but it seemed to late in the day and was too bright. Of course tonight they had closed up.

In this picture there is one color that stands out ... see if you can find it. You might have to click on the photo to make it bigger to find it.

That stake is what keeps a 100# bloodhound in the field and it doesn't matter how hard she is running. Most of the time though she has her nose to the ground, trotting. Still a great invention for keeping animals in the area.

After burning everything on the driveway bank this April and cutting small trees down to ground level, I have Sassafras trees growing back like weeds. All of the junk plants, horse grass and weeds have not grown back, so the burning did what I wanted it to do.

I'm going to let the bank grow back like it was for years when I first moved here. That was before the straight line winds took out trees 60 ft along the bank. What the storm didn't take in 2008, the local electric company in 2012 cut every tree underneath their power lines that go into my house and any tree that might grow under their power lines.

Well all I need is enough space along that fence line for my DirecTv and Exede Satellite dishes for television and internet service. It will be interesting to see how the Sassafras trees root each other out for space.

I am happy with my backyard project where I also burnt and cleared out in April. It's not all grass but a lot of it is and will get better in the future. I have about three stumps that I did not cut down to ground level and their roots were too strong to pull out ... so I have decided to let them grow into whatever. I can see to mow around them instead of weed wacking them every week and then I can't see where the stumps are to avoid them with my lawn mower.

The urge to travel is still strong as ever. That short trip to Colorado and Utah this month made the desire to travel even stronger. In my mind I need to get these "to do" list things completed for the house before I hit the road again. That list isn't anything major, just a lot of odds and ends to complete. It lingered in the back of my mind while we traveled a few weeks ago.

I like my new MacBook Air. I cannot believe how much faster it is than my iMac that is approaching 5 years this October. Of course with a faster processor, and not much data on the hard drive, it's expected to be a lot faster.

It's good to have options so I guess I'll keep all the Apple "toys" I've bought over the years.

Now if I can just get my camera to work on a consistent basis, I'll be a happy camper.

Life is good right now in "the tropics".

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