May 19, 2024

A Lot Going On

We have been pretty busy lately with yard work, pulling weeds, cleaning house, watching baseball, plus the normal reading. Anyway to start, Ava went to her final appointment for shots, rabies certificate, blood work for her spay operation in July and a stool sample. They called back on Wednesday that she had a clean bill of health. I bought 3 chewables of he NexGuard+ for her ... $117 for that little package. I remember paying $20 each just a few years ago. As you can see she was calm and relaxed waiting to see the vet.

When the vet walked in, she didn't move because she was sound to sleep. As the vet kneeled down to see her instead of lifting the 37 pounds up on the exam table, she finally woke up and greeted her with a wagging tail. She knows the vet had small treats to get her attention. The exam checked out for her as a healthy puppy.

While sitting on the bench I took this photo holding my iPhone upside down. I was surprised how good it turned out. I asked about the best time to get her spayed although I was pretty sure I would do it at 6 months like I did my other females many years ago. I wanted to see if anything changed. She said it was up to me and gave me both sides of the research, before or after her first heat cycle. So the middle of July we will make the early 27 mile trip and get her there between 7:30am and 8am. She is going to hate missing her breakfast. She loves to eat.

It has been some great weather around the thunderstorms. I was able to get my yard mowed last Sunday and again on Thursday before it rained that night. The new rider never stops making me feel good that I purchased that.

Ava is starting to do a lot of things on her own. She will go outside on her own, do what she needs to do and may just stay out, sitting in the yard taking in all the sounds and smells. She will sit and watch either neighbor when they mow their yards. She likes people and her shyness is staring to disappear when she meets someone new. She is pretty easy to live with. 

She will explore the fence line just like Watson does. She did come running back in the house the other night while I watched a baseball game. That crying coyote sounded a little too close for her. Once she got inside I shut the patio door just in case the coyote had any plans to check out the new pup. There has been one come right up to the fence I guess from what my neighbor told me. Crying loudly with its nose pointed toward the sky. The hounds and dogs did not hear it because we were in a deep sleep on the other side of the house, around 3am.

They play hard and they rest just as hard. Between playing all day and fitting in a couple of meals, all four of them headed off to sleep for the night around 8pm. She goes to her dog bed and her and Watson share whenever she feels like sleeping. Daily between 5:15am - 5:30am I will wake up to her whining because she wants to go outside. Once she finished she runs for the bedroom and is back laying down by the time I walk back to the bedroom. The other three do not follow us out for that trip, not until they are ready to start their day and have breakfast kibble.

You can see it has been a pretty lazy Sunday morning.

Oh ... both of her ears stand up now. I can't remember the last time one of them would flop over like before. 

It was a hot hot day in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana today. Turned on the AC for the first time this year.


  1. Nice photos and I noticed that Ava's ears were both standing up again. That floppy ears was something I had never seen before.

    1. I was told it was common with German Shepherd puppies and it would eventually stand up. I didn't know a lot about the breed when I bought her. Only my second non-hound ever.

  2. She sure is a nice looking dog. Seems to have learned alot from the pack. Quite a happy, little family you've got there.

    1. Thank you. They keep me busy at times and it's nice they all get along.