November 06, 2011

A Plan Coming Together

After the initial rush of thinking about resigning from my job, buy a RV, pack up and leave ...  a plan is finally starting to develop mentally. This is after 3 solid weeks of reading for hours and hours, asking a lot of questions here and on forums and looking at RV's from a Class C to a Class A. I have not test driven one yet.

#1  What I would like to do, is buy an RV soon, pack up just what I need and take off. That would mean resigning from a job, leaving my house full of my stuff without downsizing. Then come back within the year to downsize my assets, put the house on the market if I decided that full timing was for me. (no doubt it will be). I could live on my savings during this time and I wouldn't mind workcamping part-time.

#2  The best plan is to wait 2 years 7 months until my retire date. During this time downsize all of my assets, buy an RV after test driving with some weekend trips. A training period for me and my hounds. Also the real estate market here is slow but my house could be a fast seller for those wanting to downsize or a starter home. It's priced right and a good location.

#3  Start the action plan NOW with plans to start the journey as soon as my house sells. Start downsizing immediately, furniture, cars, an old truck. Place the house on the market now and then give my 30 day resignation letter at the time my house sells. With May 2014 as being the date I leave even if the house is not sold.

#4  Do the same thing I am doing now, until May 2014. Read, study, enjoy my "virtual" RV trip through the different blogs I read and wish I was doing that right now. Look and look at RV's, take weekend trips with them by renting or make a purchase.

Decisions, least to put this plan in motion I think I will start listing things on eBay and Craig's List and start to see some movement. Put a plan with dates together and start checking things off as I go.  I want to turn my important files from paper to pdf files, my cd's to digital, my books to ebooks and my movies to electronic media.  Looks like I have a lot to get started on.

Enjoy your day on the road, it's a beautiful day here in the "tropics" of southern Indiana.


  1. When I sold on eBay full-time, there was always a lot excitement toward the end of the listing if something was selling and other bidding on it. I wonder if that would be the case of the house, not knowing if the day you woke up it would be sold. You never know.

    I like plan #3. And it if would sell faster than expected then I would have to really get it in gear to downsize my personal items. Glen at took about 2 months to sell all of his items. That would put me around December. I wonder if that would be a better month to buy a motorhome?

    Yes it is difficult seeing others on the road. Based on the RV traffic on the US highway 100' from my house, I just assume that RV full-time or traveling had decreased and it was no long an option anymore.

    Glen's yahoo story, led me to his blog, which led to many other blogs and my RV desire that I thought burned out last spring was suddenly very very strong again.

  2. It is a lot of work getting rid of almost everything you own, I just did it. Tonight is my first night as a fulltimer. I have a contract on my house, but I left before the closing - leaving it for my attorney to handle.

  3. Congratulations on the move. Luckily I have been downsizing annually, but when I think of what I would take with me, there is more things here than I expected to get rid of. How long did it take you from the day you made the decision to go fulltime and to get rid of your stuff? I have an attorney that can handle anything that deals with my house. Where you headed?