November 03, 2011

Today it's a Class A....go figure

An interesting day to say the least. My DishNetwork installation didn't start until about 4pm, was scheduled for 8am till noon. I didn't care, I understand those guys have jobs that run into surprises.  I am going to tell you what I got for free through them, because it can be used by RVers that have internet connection and a tv.  It's like the old WebTV years ago, only with a lot more modern features. The fact is you can bookmark different websites on this program and use your tv as a monitor. I am Wifi mine from the living room back to my computer modem in the opposite corner of my house it works well. So I am sure it will work with your Verizon air cards and you can use your TV as a monitor instead of your laptop screens.  Just an idea.

I spent all day again today while I waited for them to show up, reading blogs, looking at RVs for.....I must admit, I like the C's but I really get good vibes when Im looking at A's. Now I have progressed so much that I have almost changed my mind on a diesel engine instead of gas. My friend is pulling 37' feet and said she use to slow to 40mph going up the mountains with their gas powered C but no problem with a diesel powered A. She and her husband do not boondock but they do stay in state parks in florida and eastern states at 37'. I am still thinking 30-31' though.  It would give me more storage than a C. I want to bring my bicycle with me to ride when the opportunity presents itself. It's a road bike that I use to race many years ago.

I know I probably wont go deep into the forest but I can get far enough away from traffic and have bigger tanks, more storage and more room for long stays.  Of course if you have been reading my blog from day one....I am all over the place on what type of RV to buy....daily.  So today its an A and after I post this I am going back to look at pictures.

I am reading two things I found today, on is "Fulltiming 101' from the, newbies corner.  Then an ebook called "Answers to the Common Excuses" to not to RV.  A lot of new blogs to read. I spent way too much time with the tv installation and got behind on my "new addiction".

Blast away with comments if you think I am making a wrong decision going for the A.

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  1. There is no "one size fits all" answer to the RV dilemma. Each choice is as individual as the person who makes it. We all have our reasons for choosing the rig that we have but those reasons may not be valid for you. The best thing to do is to drive as many as you can and even do a short term rental and see how it works out. Much as I would like to tell you otherwise, there are no guarantees that you will make the right decision. But even that would not be the end of the world. We have had many different RVs over the years - all different, and have had fun with each one of them. Do your research, drive what you can, and just enjoy.