November 29, 2011

Some Possible Developments

I replied to a friend's email the other day about changing their email address and let her know I was seriously thinking of selling everything and hitting the road fulltime. At the end of my reply I added a question asking her if she knew of anyone that would be interested in buying my house.

She replied this morning that she knows of someone that has always liked my house and are presently looking to buy in the area.  We are making arrangements for them to come over and see the house within the week around their busy work schedule.

That leads me back to my financial spreadsheet tonight, and looking at my options as if the house is sold.  I think this also leads the way for me to get on the road much sooner than I planned and will have to hit my "to do" list harder than I have been. Even if they don't buy the house I can still put a For Sale sign up while I work on my "to do" list.

The bad part???  .... I have not really made up my mind on what type of RV to buy.

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