November 27, 2011

Domain Change

Problem solved on the Domain redirect from GoDaddy to the blog.

Over a cup of coffee this morning I was looking on Blogger's notables and saw a recent "Buzz" where it was easy to transfer your domain name from GoDaddy to Blogger. In the past when I was selling sports memorabilia online, I use to transfer domains all the time but each time I had to go through the step by step was confusing each time. So I was happy to see that BlogSpot had found a way to make this process easy.

Well...maybe not.

I had bought my new domain about a month ago for a couple of reasons. That domain is

It goes to my blog when typing that into the address bar...good
It also loads if I leave the www off...good
All looks normal list of blogs I read does not show up...bad

Working on little computer things like this is not on my "to do" list today, so hopefully as the domain grows today that list of blogs I read will show up.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Oh, Saturday was another day of looking at different RV Sales websites. Through the emails and comments I have received it sounds like I am not the only one that took time to sort through this maze of RV full-timing information.  I found a couple of new blogs that I will mention later, that is great information for a "RV Newbie" and also a couple of blogs where Murphy's Law had kicked in as soon as they drove their newly purchased RV off the lot. Some amazing stories between those two blogs....almost made me wonder for a second if RVing was really the direction I wanted to go.

Yet, the more blogs I read of the travel, the pictures and the freedom to move RVing gives....I haven't changed my mind about hitting the road.

More RV posting its back to laundry, blog reading, and preparing for a day of NFL football.


  1. Interesting about the "which RV to choose"...I went thru that process as well 5 years ago, and in that time I tried everything from a pull behind pop-up to a truck camper with a slide to a 36' pull behind to a 42' motor home with 4 slides!!

    And, since you joined my blog this morning you KNOW what I am in now!! Big change from a 42' motorhome huh? But, tell you what, I am just as comfortable in my "STEALTH CAMPER" as I ever have been in anything else!!

    You just have to figure out what YOU will be comfortabe in as well!! Theres tons of choices, dozens of floor plans, options out the wazoo, can be daunting!!

    Good luck with the decision making, and hope to see you on the road!! Happy Trails! John

  2. I've read a couple of blogs, too, where it was a nightmare right from the beginning, and pretty expensive to get things in order. But the other 99% just had a few minor things to fix, or if the rig was new it was under warranty. If you get a used rig, it's a crapshoot, I think, and you just have to do your homework. Have an RV mechanic check it out before you buy, or get one with a little warranty like mine had. 15 days 100% warranty, the next 15 days had 50% warranty, after that I was on my own. So far I feel very lucky.

    When I was researching, a lot of people cautioned that there should be an RV repair fund, I had a RV repair and upgrade fund, in case something goes wrong, and eventually something will. Don't get scared off! Fulltiming is the best!!! :)

  3. I've already finished a little "unexpected maintenance" this morning...the white plastic hose that goes from the dryer outside was plugged with a tight spot, only a washer dryer wide space...I fixed the problem.

    I am beginning to think even if I am not an expert with what repairs I do to my house and old truck (now sold), I could do a lot of the maintenance on an RV.

    I will definitely have a repair fund and upgrade fund but my upgrade list grows as I read different I hope to have a lot of the upgrades finished before I hit the road.

    Me and My Dog ... I read your blog daily, look at your pictures and can see that full-timing is the best....great info.

  4. Keep posting your thoughts, reading everyone's blog and following their decision making process is helping me define my own 'needs vs wants'.

    Rambling along is A-OK with me!