September 05, 2017

A New Week Of Great Weather

Yesterday it reached 94° and today we are looking at highs in the low 70's for the next 10 days. Fantastic weather!!! So all the windows are open, nice breeze and our late morning walk had no humidity and no mosquitoes. I cannot imagine this weather for the next 2-3 months. Will it ever get above 85° again?

I decided this morning that I would let Stella do anything she wanted. I knew that might mean that she would disappear again.

I woke up around 7:30am but only to go back to bed and sleep until 9:37am. Therefore our day started later and we didn't take our first walk until after 11am. It is what it is being retired. I feel like I might get something done though today ... maybe clean the bedroom walls, then the other rooms.

Stella did not run today but did some fast trotting. She never moved for the spot that Sadie is standing in. Whatever it was she ate and would not move. That 'eating' is something I cannot figure out.

I did not expect to see Stella when I walked back to the house. Sadie and I continued our morning walk with a nice cool breeze, low temps and bright sunshine.

Sadie always looks to see if Stella is coming. Still she loves this walk and has never walked slowly on any of these walks, rather they be 2 or 3 walks in a day. The path that goes across the top of the field from the north into the deer gully to the house is becoming more worn ... they have ruined this field and I have a feeling it is going to turn into an ATV park.

Sadie still looking for Stella ... no sign of Stella on the horizon.

I never get the AT&T tower ever in focus but it does show how nice of a day it is.

As I started walking to the left to enter the woods to go look for Stella, I saw her in the same spot I left her. I could not believe she was still there.

She was ready to go home though when I called her.

I changed the Nikon settings back to 'JPG-Fine' from 'RAW' ... hard to tell here since they are the same size/quality on the blog but on my computer I could tell a difference in the settings. Do I want to use ~28Mb per photo on my hard drive?

Another great football game last night ... I have a few 'days off' until the games on Friday night.

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