September 08, 2017

Binge Watching Dexter

Wednesday afternoon I decided to start binge watching Dexter. I've been up watching show after show until 4am for the past two nights. I sit here Friday at noon with no food except some salad left.I had plans of grocery shopping on Friday's right after the morning hound walk ... but I am fighting off the urges to get back on the couch and turn on Dexter. I am one DVD away from finishing Season 3 ... there were 8 seasons to the show.

With that change in routine I have missed fantastic weather, except for the two dog walks per day without the camera. I did not turn on the first NFL game of the season last night, instead I watched Dexter until 4:15am and had to force myself to turn off the tv and go to bed. Almost 16 hours of straight viewing.

After I downloaded my camera card this morning I had only 19 photos since the 6th. I only loaded 9 of them into this blog post. I have not public blogged and as the days move on my desire to continue that blog disappears further and further away from me.

This pot of flowers I planted in August really did well. I'll remember that next spring when I fill all of my flower pots earlier this year.

Another reason I have not gone grocery shopping yet today, besides catching up on this blog ... is once again I have changed my mind or am uncertain what type of food to buy for the next week. I keep thinking which 'diet' I want to follow. Paleo, Vegan, Lacto-Veggie ???

Sadie has loved all the walks this week but the past two days of Dexter she has had to drag me off the couch and outside.

Heidi has even made it outside to soak up the sunshine on her own. I didn't have a camera on her yesterday but looked out the window as she laid in the backyard sleeping under the sunshine. She has seemed more energetic lately but has not gone on our walks.

Her toenails need trimmed. She needs a bath but her coat still remains softer than ever. Here weight is good and her allergies are under control this summer with no meds of any kind.

Stella continues to scratch but has no bare skin or hot spots. I still cannot find any fleas on her.

Since the tv has not been turned on the past two days to anything ... I didn't see the latest Hurricane updates until this morning. A huge one heading for Florida and will shoot up the east coast.

I put on jeans this morning instead of shorts. I even pulled off the Nike's from the top closet shelf to wear. I bought them 3.5 years ago, cheap model and really comfortable. I also put the spare tire cover back on the FJ on Monday night? maybe Tuesday night?

The burn pile and all the tall ragweed will be burned to the ground this fall or no later than next March/April. Supposedly that pole back on that path is the SE corner of my property.

I can't believe I don't have any urge to go buy food since I am totally out and a football weekend coming up, including the NFL games on Sunday.

I moved my camera settings back to 'jpg-fine'. I think the quality of these pictures will be okay for me.

Dexter or grocery shopping?????

As you can see it's another beautiful day today. I uploaded the blog pictures from my iMac, closed the post and then came out to the kitchen table to write the blog post so I could enjoy the day.

I am still happy about trading the Mini Cooper for the FJ. That black MCS Countryman is still for sale after two months. I probably should have kept the red stripes on it. Anyway I love the FJ. I know it will not be driven 4,000 miles per year and will last me as long as I live.

Another day of watching Dexter here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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