June 25, 2021

Walter Back To Normal

Walter slept well last night and I was woken by his snoring a couple of times. He was ready to eat and sprinted back inside after his first trip outside this morning. He looked normal, acted normal and ate faster than normal. Watson is getting more like a bloodhound by the day. He is starting to ignore me and Henry now, doing his own thing. He ran the backyard today leash free and laster hooked to the cable, using Henry's long cord as the main one. Henry is just Henry. Very laidback and nothing bothers him until the neighbors start petting the puppy ... then he starts barking.

The ladies next door say they do not mind any of my dogs in their yard. Watson loves to walk inside their plants in this area and I usually have to pull him out because he will not come when called nor will he walk out of them when Henry is barking at him.

With all the clover, there are plenty of honey bees and all three are having fun trying to figure out that they were. 

Walter weighed in at 56 pounds yesterday. That is normal weight for an adult English Bulldog. 

I may have mentioned it before but when I am getting ready to leave, Walter can tell that I am and he will grab that bright orange or bright green bone and starting chewing it. This morning when Watson tried to take it from him, Walter figured the safest place for him and his bone was inside the crate that Watson is now using. They barked back and forth and I even caught Watson howling once.

If Watson is not by Henry side, he will watch every step he takes.

As you can see after being here only eight days, Watson has decided he doesn't need Henry's help anymore.

It was hot and humid today. The morning forecast had rain scheduled for 9am but that keep moving out to last afternoon and possibly this evening if we get rain at all. Well the rains never showed up with seems to be normal for this location. I cooked rice and broccoli in my InstaPot earlier for a mid-day snack. The grill is fired up and is full of chicken thighs and a pound of salmon on the top shelf. That should last me for a few days. This family packs for less than $6 kinda offsets the cost of other stuff I guess.

Tonight will be another exciting Friday night with baseball on tv, some sunflower seeds while the hounds and the dog sleep nearby.

It was a slow day but a good day here in "the tropics" of southern Indiana.

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