June 15, 2021

Walter and Henry Moving On

First of all I realize that this does not happen to just me. That it happens or has happened to all dog and cat owners, any owners of pets. My old friend from high school just put his old boxer down days before Stella. He has had boxes longer than I have had basset hounds (1987). So we all know how we feel and when I am on the other side I never know what to say to a friend when it happens. There are not any words although well intended, that makes things feel better ... time and good memories are about the only thing that gets you through the time after putting down your best friend. Today I posted at the top of the blog "Stella's Story" with close to 100 photos included. I guess it's a little like therapy but also a tribute to a hound that many loved and many wanted to see on this blog.

When I returned home Saturday morning without Stella, Walter ran from room to room then out to the garage looking for her. He made her his best friend when he arrived that night in April 2020 at 8 weeks old. Even before Stella left for the vet he did his normal morning routine of cleaning her ears, her eyes and her nose. She would always hold up her head and lean for areas he would lick clean.

Saturday afternoon he found the perfect spot under the high ceiling fan that was blowing cold air from the AC down to the floor. He prefers inside and the AC when its 93° and humid outside.

Since I lost my first basset hound I guess I have been fortunate to have puppies or other dogs in the house to get me through the hard times. They don't take long to keep you busy and your mind off those last few minutes that you will never forget. With Henry especially who is still in a chewing stage and can counter surf with the best of them. Today's victim was the invoice from the HVAC company I had come out a few weeks ago. No way to pay online so I took what was left of the bill with me on Monday to pay them in person.

Sunday morning Henry was out early checking out his yard that was mowed on Saturday but had some unexpected rain over night. He doesn't mind a wet yard. Right now after living here about 45 days, he has yet to figure out the birds. He doesn't chase them, just sits and stares at them.

Walter on the other hand does not like wet grass, does not like rain, and does not like seeing puddles on the patio deck after he wakes up for his first trip outside. IF and that is a large IF, he goes to the yard he does the bulldog bounce ... tip toeing around every blade of grass to a spot he has chosen to relieve himself.

It's always dangerous when Henry is in deep thought.

Not sure what these are called but I need something similar for the two pots about that size, that I haven't filled yet.

With all the rain last week, all the sunshine on Saturday it looks like I have around 9-10 new buds about to bloom. 

While Henry explores and inspects his yard, Walter refuses to even step outside. He watches Henry's every step from inside the patio.

My neighbor told me her dad built that barn/shed decades ago. It does have two stories and still has his large wooden desk on the second floor. I need to get my fire pit made or bought, she said I can have all that wood to burn as she was going to throw it out until I mentioned my plans for a fire pit.

This is the puddle that stopped Walter in his tracks Sunday morning ... right at the door.

More birds for Henry.

From one neighbor's yard to another, I have never seen as many cardinals as what I have seen here the past month. They are everywhere.

What are the chances of Henry wrapping his small cord around one of those trees as he explores? He will never bark if he does, he just sits staring at me until I walk out to unwrap him. Sometimes that requires unhooking him from the long cord because he has waked a million different directions inside that brush.

Walter may not come from the hound breed but he has to smell everything, maybe even more than a bloodhound or basset hound. With very little nose, he has to press his face or mouth into what he is smelling. There was something on the camping chair that caught his attention.

Sometimes it's not only birds that get Henry's attention. He hears things and wants to catch them.

Luckily he is not rolling in something that smells ... he is just scratching his back. It's a daily thing with him.

I don't know if I have ever had a puppy that enjoys life as much as he does. Happy go lucky and laidback.

May 24th when I saw this I just knew. Little things I would see change would sadden me even more. You can look back in the blog around 2015 and 2016 seeing her and Sadie running full speed in the field behind the house. Now she could barely step off the patio deck into the yard.

As time moves on things get better. The hounds that have passed are always just a thought away. As we dog owners know, it never gets easier but at least they are out of pain. Henry and Walter are making some new daily routines. Walter still sniffs and explores every inch of the computer room. I assume the scent from Stella confuses him. Then he will give me that look of his that always seems to be asking me a question.

I was happy that Stella made it back to "the tropics' of Southern Indiana to lay in the grass. 


  1. Oh my goodness..... so very sorry for the loss... it is never an easy thing... but you do just "know"....

    1. I saw those old familiar signs from other bloodhounds I had. Not much you can do.

  2. It is so good that you have Walter and Henry to keep you company and busy caring for them. Great photos.

  3. Henry is obviously thinking of something that you probably won't like, Steve. Walter is not a water dog, apparently. He does have a good nose, though. Thanks for sharing. Good photos of Stella. We will all miss her.