September 28, 2014

Heidi Comes Out of Hiding

For the first time I took the new Nikon with me on the dog walk. For the first half of the trip, Sadie was off leash so I could use the camera on the way. Still I remembered the last time she was off leash years ago, in the middle of a December snow where she saw a deer and took off. The deer jumped the short worn down fence and so did Sadie. She returned to the door step 5 hours later and didn't even wake up the rest of the night.

Due to that experience I always have her on the 25' retractable leash for these walks, but today I thought I would take a chance. No problems, but I don't think I'll do it again because I can't take that chance with her and there are signs of deer everywhere.

So I took a few photos during the walk and then afterwards I had Heidi come back out to the yard to get some updated pictures of her. She didn't want to come back out into the yard at first and really wasn't thrilled about getting her picture taken but she finally faced the camera. She was extremely happy when I said "ok" as she sprinted for the door and wagging her tail until I let her in. Food was not the motivating factor since she had been fed before the walk.

Let me know if these pictures show up to big when you open the blog. I'd prefer to fill up the available space on the sides of the pictures but if it causes problems from your point of viewing the blog, let me know and I'll decrease them down one size.

Sadie is ready to go outside anytime the word is mentioned and will walk in any kind of weather EXCEPT rain. She loves this field. For some reason she will face this camera instead of the iPhone. I mentioned that before but I don't know the reason why. The photos are in sequence of the walk.

Winston completed the walk without a leash but has to have a collar put on him so he feels that is part of the walk. There are times if I don't put the collar on him, he will sit in the backyard watching us walk away ... he will not walk any further unless I put a collar on him. So really it's just for looks and is used on occasion where a leash is needed. Otherwise he and Heidi do not wear collars anytime unless they are walking or in the car.

I touched up these photos using my basic iPhoto program that I have been using the past 3 years on this blog. Friday night I did download the Nikon ViewNX2 to use not only to edit the photos but also use that program possibly as storage. The few photos I worked on in that program was much more detailed than the iPhoto so I will eventually start using that on the blog photos.

I am happy with the new camera and the quality of photographs. It's more than just quality, it's what can be done in the future after I get more experience. Also the different lenses have already made a difference in other photos I have taken. That might turn into a different blog for just photography, not sure.

As requested, I will try to get more photos of the hounds on the blog but their daily routines are about the same so the differences in photos could be slight.

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